Hello world!

When one thinks of starting off, there are always a hundred reasons against doing it. The truth is that there is never a ‘perfect’ time to start, or even

if there is, there is no sure way of predicting it. So we dug deep within, and focused on getting clarity on what we care about and where and how we want to add value.

We are keen to be a part of the enormous adoption of digital as a medium for brands and business in India and around the world. While the main tennets of business remain the same, we are looking at a radical shift in the way businesses connect with their customers, build their community and grow.

What is critical in this radical shift in the medium and technology of communication, apart from the technical expertise, is the rate at which this change is taking place. The pace outstrips our understanding of how our interactions are evolving, and so what becomes more important to gain an understanding of what is happening is the ability to measure and experiment. Add to this a focus on creative content, and an understanding of how it is created and distributed on (and for) the web is what we hope to bring to the table for customers.

I am excited for everything that we stand for, and things we are yet to experience on this journey!

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