Who we are

We are a team inspired To be better

From afar, we’re workaholics

Up close we’re actually getting pretty high on ideas. We want to add value to our customers’ lives. So, you won’t see us sitting casually behind a desk all day long. We go all out and never let the dust settle on our feet. Hence, creating digital solutions and mapping out a strategic road ahead is where we channel our energy.

Knock, Knock

There’s no better human connection like the time we show up at your doorstep. We love a good conversation with our customers because it’s important to ask the right questions. The more you talk about your brand, the better we get at creating solutions. Don’t worry; we’re not here to give you rapid fire questions. BTW, if you were an Instagram filter, which one would you be?

Opposites attract

Each team member shares mind-blowing ideas across the table. This is where it gets heated but also where you get the best solutions. We’re a bunch of talented individuals hungry for challenging projects. Yes, this certainly takes your business to the next level. So, we’re okay with not agreeing with one another from time to time. Also, there’s a corner seat where we sit to sulk after heated dialogues.


Why not? We never let the gravity of any situation pull us down. If an apple can fall from a tree towards the ground, it can be thrown up into the air as well. There’s always a way different from the previous methods to execute creativity. So, we continue to pursue learning new concepts matched with the latest trends to give you the best. We want to make sure you don’t just stand out but above your competition.

When we’re not working…

We’re taking a break! We believe in putting our feet up, especially during the weekends. We’ve heard it has amazing health benefits. One is that we get to come back refreshed ready for the next set of challenges. Our ‘me’ time revolves around reading, catching-up with close friends, quality time with family, and making sure we have a lot of laughs.

Add Value to the Customer or go home

Customers and users are the primary focus of our organization. We are in the business to create solutions and solve problems for our customers so that it helps them create value. If we aren’t working on something that helps them do this, we go home and start afresh.

Honesty, Transparency, Clarity

Nothing creates long-term value as much as honest thoughts, transparent dealings and clarity in communication. We work towards instilling these into the very DNA of our organization and the work that we do.

Smart work trumps hard work. Always.

Nothing new here. We have all seen way too many examples of teams working hard but with blinders. Resulting failures are further attributed to not working hard enough. We strive to always take a step back and ask: is there a better way to do this?

Show Gratitude

Even for the small things, we strive to show gratitude to the people around us. We believe in what goes around, comes around and we’re starting a positive wave here.

Work with awesome people. Period.

All the people that work with us, internally or from the outside, will be awesome. They will always strive to learn new things, collaborate and thrive both at work, and in life.

Do what you love, love what you do.

Its the age old addendum, and yet so difficult to follow. As an organization, when we’re in doubt, we will tend towards things that we love. The idea is for this love to spill over and reflect in the work that we do!