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Struggling with online campaign management?
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You could be struggling with the creation of captivating content or reaching the right people to buy your product or services. Maybe you don’t have the right data but even if you do, you don’t know how to leverage it. We’ll save you from campaign management woes like analysis paralysis or the insufferable targeting tightrope balance.

Curious? Let’s dig deeper:

Imagine having to manage every little detail of your brand, digitally.

  • Write a caption, rewrite – crushed paper across the floor (every writer’s breakfast time)
  • You needed a landing page too, using a free tool because the professional one was too pricey
  • A nice catchy design to communicate everything you need to.
  • You also realize that you can easily burn through your budget without a cogent strategy

Do you get the drift? There’s a lot that goes into putting your digital assets to work to make them productive.

Core Benefits of Hiring Online Advertising Campaign Experts

You don’t have to shout needlessly into the void with online campaign management services. Managing an online campaign is like managing a megaphone with laser targeting. With our digital marketing campaign management expertise, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Reach the Right People
At the Right Time
With the Right Message

  • Identify your Marketing Objectives: We don’t start right off the bat until we are aware of your marketing objectives. Be it to improve brand awareness, increase website traffic, increase sales, or generate leads, we will ensure they are met strategically. Our team specializes in meeting your marketing goals using the SMART approach, which means driving results with objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.
  • Recognize your target audience: There’s no need for spray-and-pray tactics when you can use online ads to zero in on your ideal customers. Once we have identified your marketing objectives, we will take the next step of defining your target audience. We do this by determining your ideal customers, their needs, buying behavior, pain points, and interests. After this, we can base your ads on specific key points like demographics, interests, etc. For instance, our work with Hubilo helped us target the right traffic, generating over 45 million impressions and 3000 leads for their virtual event.
  • Create relevant messaging and creative assets: Our team can begin crafting relevant messaging and creative assets to develop compelling headlines, taglines, ad copies, videos, images, graphics, etc. to help meet your brand objectives and reach the right target audience. For instance, to build brand awareness, we created waves for The Baker’s Dozen. When they had just started, they were an unfamiliar brand to a country like India not known for its consumption of sourdough bread. However, our digital marketing campaign management team worked its magic, we were able to turn this challenge around. Through the creation of target messaging and digital assets, we increased their Instagram page following from 2K followers to more than 12K followers within 4 months. Our marketing campaign generated more than 300 orders per month.

Optimize your online marketing campaigns to reach the right audience with our campaign management services.

  • Select the right marketing channels: Once we create the relevant communication system, we work on choosing the online platforms to run your marketing campaigns. From social media to content marketing, email or search engine marketing, and even traditional advertising, we’ll target your audience accordingly.
  • Run your marketing campaigns effectively: Once the appropriate marketing channels are chosen, we begin running and managing your campaigns. We work by increasing your brand’s engagement with your customers even when you’re not looking. For instance, our work with Bandhej brought astounding ad campaign results within the first three months. We met our client’s need to build an online presence by reaching its Facebook page likes to 50K complemented by 100s of positive responses to the page and posts published.
  • Track your campaign results: It’s a science, the method of tracking your campaign’s performance. You may have run a billboard campaign some time ago but are not sure of the results. Who called you based on that billboard ad? Not sure! On the other hand, online ad campaigns give you real-time data on their performance. This type of marketing campaign helps track and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from reach to engagement, conversions, and ROI. By tracking the results, you can easily fine-tune your campaign for maximum impact and leverage future campaigns.

Services we offer

Our digital campaign management services include:

  • Online marketing campaign planning
    Our planning team knows that you have certain challenges and goals in mind. Based on that, we’ll define our approach either to a single ad platform or the entire digital channel. After conducting thorough and precise research and analysis of your market and competitors, we’ll align your ad campaign goals to the target audience’s interests, location, and desired outcome.
  • Digital marketing account setting up and auditing
    Managing a digital marketing ad campaign account can get overwhelming and time-consuming. However, our online campaign management services involve a team geared with the experience and expertise to manage multiple accounts. We’ll review your online ad accounts regularly to make sure that they are accurately configured and run error-free while generating leads for you.
  • Digital marketing campaign management and optimization
    We will manage your ad campaigns, track their performance, and tweak them to fine-tune them accordingly. You don’t have to worry about the little details because we’ll be bringing in the big leads and meeting other KPIs for you.

How do we manage a marketing campaign?

There’s no definite rule when it comes to running ad campaigns. So, here’s a sneak peek into some of our groundwork.

We discuss your business goals and objectives

  • Marketing objectives are identified
  • Demographics of the target audience are decided and set in place
  • A strategy with checkpoints is created
  • A plan is set to execute the strategy
  • Each team that can deliver success to the campaign is involved
  • Content is created with ad copies and creatives
  • The ad campaign is established and executed for a defined period
  • Results are analyzed during and after the campaign

All you need to know is that we will make sure that your brand reaches and converts all its customers.

Our team behind all the effort
We are your special dream team working passionately on crafting campaigns that convert. From strategists to storytellers and social media experts, we’ll make sure your online ad campaigns work tirelessly for you.

Our digital marketing campaign management wizards are high on creativity, caffeine, and result-driven insights. So, prepare to be mind-blown when we show you what our efforts can bring to the table.


How do I plan marketing campaigns for my business?

This depends on the goals you want to meet for your business. You need to first identify your objectives as to whether you want brand awareness, driving sales, generating leads, converting them, etc. You can follow through with your findings through research and analysis, testing various channels and ad performances, embracing data, and continuously learning and unlearning what works for your business.

How do I measure the success of an online marketing campaign?

Measuring the success of your online marketing campaign will depend on the metrics and KPIs you set.

Let’s say, you want to achieve brand awareness. For this, your metric might be website traffic so the target audience can reach your website. However, achieving this metric alone may not serve your business marketing objectives entirely. After obtaining website traffic, your KPI will define a more specific goal like conversion rates (percentage of website visitors who made a purchase)

We can look at similar metrics and their deriving KPIs:

  • Metric: Unique visitors – KPI: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) that measures your campaign’s efficiency in driving sales.
  • Metric: Bounce rate – KPI: Time on Site that measures the average time visitors spent on your site.
  • Metric: Number of social media followers – KPI: Social media engagement rate (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Metric: Number of emails opened – KPI: CTR (Click-Through Rate) on links provided in your email
How do I plan a successful marketing campaign for my business?

We’ll make it simple and summarize it down to six steps for you:

  1. Identify and understand your target audience: Find out about your ideal customers, their interests, and the solutions they seek to tailor your campaign message accordingly.
  2. Set SMART campaign objectives that align with your KPIs
    • S – Specific: Define your goals (Ex. 20% hike in brand awareness)
    • M – Measurable: Choose metrics that you can use to quantify your campaign’s success (Ex. social media engagement, website visits)
    • A – Achievable: Set realistic goals
    • R – Relevant: Check whether your goals align with your overall marketing strategy
    • T – Time-Bound: Set a specific timeline for achieving your goals (Ex. within 3 months)
  3. Develop customer segments and strategy: Segment your customers by category based on demographics and personalize your approach by selecting relevant KPIs for each segment like customer acquisition, conversion rates, etc.
  4. Determine an ideal marketing mix covering content and appropriate channels: Choose marketing channels that can derive your KPIs like lead generation for email marketing, website traffic for SEO, etc.)
  5. Create compelling offers: Craft offers that highlight the benefits and value proposition for your target audience.
  6. Motivate your target audience to take the desired action: Use clear Call-To-Actions to drive a desired behaviour by your target audience. (Ex. signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product.)
  7. Use analytics to measure campaign success: You can check the analytics of your campaign’s performance based on your goals. For instance, to track website traffic, you can check for page views, bounce rates, website visits and visitors, and traffic sources. Similarly, for checking conversion analytics, you can track email signups, form submissions, purchases, Customer Acquisition Cost, and so on.
How do I decide on a budget for a marketing campaign?

Deciding your budget for a marketing campaign will depend on money available to spend or meeting marketing objectives within a specified budget. While deciding a budget will depend on you and your partners/stakeholder’s decisions, we can help you either way, that is, how to best utilize your spend or achieve your marketing objectives with minimum spends. Connect with our online campaign management services team to get a quote.

What services fall under digital marketing campaign management services?

Management digital marketing campaign management entails different but specific services, which include:

  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Campaign execution and management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization
What types of goals can I meet by leveraging online campaign management? 

You can achieve the following marketing goals to scale your business using online campaign management services. These include:

  • Brand awareness and visibility
  • Lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Sales and revenue growth
  • Website traffic and optimization

When you are aware of the goals you want to meet, you get the desired clarity on what you wish to leverage from digital marketing campaign management services. This way, you get to improve your online presence, attract the right target audience, and generate a credible and authentic brand reputation.

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