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Working with WordPress is incredibly easy for anyone to learn and develop a stunning and functional website. However, when you have a business to run, it can get time-consuming to DIY a WordPress website. Furthermore, it’s not just about creating a website but also strategically planning the design, look, feel, and whatever goes into showcasing a brand identity.

At Bonoboz, we specialize in custom WordPress development services. The WordPress platform offers a wide variety of plugins and customizable themes that convey your brand’s image impactfully. So, whether you are looking to create a site from scratch or revamp your existing one, we’re here to take charge. We’ll be less of a WordPress Development Agency and more of an extension of your in-house brand team.

We’ll help you Express Through WordPress

We have a range of WordPress website development services to empower your brand’s identity online. Be the first to make an impact on your target audience.

  • Need our Advice? We have Special WordPress Consultation Abilities: Do you need a WordPress website? Let us make that decision for you. Not all business requirements can align with what WordPress offers. We may have to mix it up a bit, and probably combine two software solutions. Maybe not! Whatever the case, we’ll consult you on the web solution you need for your brand, including multiple theme selections or customizations.We are one of the few WordPress development companies that offer expert consultation services for developing WordPress websites. Maybe you want to know whether your site is scalable for adding new features and services, how to optimize it, how to make your website hacker-proof, or even if you should revamp your website’s look and feel. No matter your consultation requirements, we are here to answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction.
  • WordPress Your Way to Impress any Target Audience: The way to the heart of your customers depends on the way you feed them your brand’s message. Just like one must transform their house into a home, likewise, we transform your brand into familiarity. WordPress has a multitude of plugins and themes that one can use to create a haven dedicated to a specific target audience. Not to mention the content that we strategically and creatively add to your website.For instance, Huber and Holly wanted to create a website that would help their audience resonate with the vibe of their freshly churned ice creams in India. So, check out how we developed the Huber & Holly WordPress website, giving it a fresh, delightful, and colorful experience.
  • Do you need advanced features for your website? Our Programmers can help you: We have a team of dedicated programmers with mad skills for developing a WordPress website. They drive full speed to create the perfect web solutions. It’s because they love what they do. The side-effects of their insane abilities? You get a premium and customized WordPress website optimized for growing online traffic.If a website needs more than just a random user form, our programmer can create magic for your brand. We can modify existing themes or create custom ones from scratch. You can also get some of your plugins checked and re-coded to suit your objectives. This includes structuring complex user accounts, integrations with specific services, and creating unique contact forms.

Optimize your WordPress Website and grow online traffic with our WordPress Development Agency.

  • Relaunching a new side of your existing brand? We’ll customize a new avatar: Many clients come to us with websites that already existed but didn’t really make the cut. Their websites were either extremely cluttered with no relevant content or the brand’s vision was unclear. Whatever the challenge, our team would audit the site to identify the gaps and then work on customization to relaunch the website in a whole new light.For instance, Hocco was introducing new features and products to their customers. They wanted to present a new identity, a new approach to communication, and talk about their new storefronts. Here’s what we did, using our custom WordPress development services and expertise to re-animate the architecture of Hocco’s website with vibrancy and energy.
  • Need timely reporting and assurance of quality work? We’ll deliver it all in Word-Ex-Press Speed: We don’t let go once your website is developed. There’s much more to do, like reporting inconsistencies, updating new features, and more. Quality testing from time to time is a prerequisite we like to maintain with every client.That’s how we delivered a SaaS product website’s clean look for our client. Have a look at how we designed a neat and functional WordPress website for Phonon. Positioning itself as the world’s best communication automation platform, Phonon emphasized AI-driven products and solutions. This brand wanted to develop a WordPress website that demonstrated the proper use of its product capabilities and features. We created a responsive website by using custom isometric illustrations.
  • We Word-Press upon Compliance: WordPress is easy to maintain. It has a set of coding standards. These standard adherences range from core code to template themes and plugins. However, it is important to develop a WordPress website that complies with all the standards and necessary regulations. From GDPR security requirements to maintaining strong passwords, regular backups, securing data storage effectively, ensuring cookie consent, and so on.So that your WordPress website stays secure for you and your target audience, we ensure all accessibility guidelines. For any website, the primary focus is to convey its brand’s message and cater to the needs of its specific audience. However, to make all the magic happen, we take our responsibility as a WordPress development agency to adhere to all site regulations seriously.

Create Lasting Connections with Our Bespoke WordPress Website Development Services

WordPress websites offer the flexibility to integrate various content formats from text to videos, images, and animations. We take a higher step when it comes to making your brand special.

Advice on the best foot forward A brand unique from the rest Dedicated Content to take the right action
As a WordPress development company, we also consult our clients to help them make critical WordPress website decisions. There’s nothing we can’t answer and no direction too challenging for us to research when it comes to guiding you. We’re rooting for your success. Every roadmap crafted to create your website is a hand-itching opportunity for us to showcase our best talents. We’ll use relevant themes and customization to add specific functionalities to your website. From creating content to integrating it creatively and engagingly, we’ll ensure to grab the attention of your target audience, motivating them to take action. Every word and image, video, or animation alike will be strategically aligned across your website.
Integrations with confidence Creating a significant mark online Driving maintenance services with finesse
From calendars to forms, galleries, newsletters, and downloads, whatever you’ve got to showcase, we can make it memorable for your target audience. WordPress has a remarkable list of plugins that our website programmers can code and change based on your preferences. We said it before, we’ll say it again! We are rooting for your success, which is why our SEO experts will get to work to rank your website if you need to create a strong presence online. From technical to local optimization services, we have got you covered. No need to fret about ranking. Your website deserves a good spa treatment from time to time. We do this with our dedicated services for maintaining a WordPress website and updating features, products, services, and web pages from time to time. We synchronize all updates with a website’s functionality.


Can you work on updating my existing WordPress website?

Yes, we possess relevant experience as one of the bespoke WordPress development companies. We specialize in integrating relevant content, features and functionalities in alignment with your brand guidelines. You can rely on us to serve you based on your requirements from optimization to plugin customizations, API development, and more.

Once you develop my WordPress website, will my team be able to take over the backend functionalities?

Yes, we provide all login details along with any guidance that your team may need to understand the points of accessibility on the backend. However, we will always be available in case you require any help in adding new features or web pages, carrying out maintenance updates, etc.

Is creating a WordPress website expensive?

This depends on your requirements and business objectives that you want to achieve through a WordPress website. From selecting a web hosting server, domain, customized themes, security plan, plugins, and number of web pages, the volume of your website will define the cost coverage.

Is it easy to make edits on a WordPress website once it is developed?

Yes, it is easy to make edits on your WordPress website. WordPress is a user-friendly platform for non-technical users. As a CMS or Content Management System, it allows you to make updates and introduce new features such as adding new pages, updating navigation, and more. However, if you need professional help customizing your website, you can always reach out to us.

What kind of plugins can I add to my WordPress website?

WordPress has a vast library of plugins, which means that whatever plugin you want to add, is possible. From SEO to security plugins, caching plugins, backup, forms, social media, etc., you will find them all. However, the type of plugin you add must ensure that you take into account the following considerations:

  • Too many plugins can lower the speed of your website, so do not download multiple plugins.
  • Not all plugins are created with maximum security features so make sure they are not susceptible to security hacks.
  • Some plugins might conflict with other plugins. This means you must choose plugins that do not lead to any kind of malfunction on your website. For instance, a form plugin may not work due to the update of another plugin

There are many other considerations you must make when it comes to plugins, which is why you should seek professional advice on the same.

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