Website Development Services

Some make it look good, we’ll create a masterpiece.

Giving you cost-effective and customer-centric website readiness

Developers are the digital construction workers of your website. The techies behind how a website should be rather than how it should look. We have a team of developers at our web development company who work with the UI/UX designer to create a website. Almost always, we get requests to make a “basic website” which we know is never basic.

Do websites have a type? They are specific and raised to perfection. The type of website you want depends on how you want to serve your customers. They may develop trust in your brand if your website looks a certain way. We as experts will identify and narrow down the specific requirements of customer behavior and expectations. Based on this, we will recommend the type of website that is perfect for your brand.

We’ll make your brand’s first impression unforgettable

  • Trouble reflecting your brand’s culture? We’ll bridge that gap: A website represents the values and culture a business exemplifies. We aim to help you convey a more meaningful and specific brand message delivered to your target audience. For instance, we developed a WordPress website for Shalby Hospitals to reflect their technology forward and innovative approach towards its products. Additionally, we tested the website on different devices and assessed its global load times. We ensured the Shalby Hospitals’ website provided a seamless user experience that embodied the cutting-edge spirit of future knee and hip replacements.
  • Website builders with the right tools for lightning-fast experiences: We have the expertise to build a flawless and high-performing website, using the latest tools and technologies. Like the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant, we’ll ensure that users are happy to visit and engage with your brand site. With Archer India, we developed a scalable, intuitive, and conversion-focused e-commerce Magento 2 website. This Ahmedabad-based Art Gallery aimed to present itself as a premium destination of impressive art collections for art collectors. To achieve this, we designed a modern, clean, and seamless website to manage a vast catalog of products for an easy shopping experience.
  • We’ll make your website up and running, an efficient digital storefront: Our website development company dedicates its team’s skills to creating your website, be it from scratch or for revamping requirements. Be rest assured, you won’t have to wait long until you see the finished product. To ensure this, we will work closely with you to understand your company vision, keep you updated on our progress, and streamline the web development process.

Create a peak-performing website that grabs attention using our website development services.

  • A physical establishment is one leg to stand on, a feature-rich website is the other: Engaging customers digitally has taken center stage for years now. However, even today, several concrete stores do not have a website designed efficiently to scale their business. Tapping a large and accessible pool of customers requires a digital presence. This is how we helped a leading retail manufacturing company of heating and cooling devices in Australia. We developed a visually stunning Shopify website for Bonaire to help their huge network of distributors directly connect with customers online. We also integrated a custom ‘spare parts’ module with their website to meet their goal of servicing, customization, and spare parts.
  • You won’t just be building trust but security as well: Our team has the expertise to track the performance of your website, its functionality, and features. By this, we mean that once your website is developed, our journey with you won’t end. We will dedicate our website maintenance team to ensure you have a smooth-running website without any glitches. We will also keep track of, identify, and eliminate any security breaches or external bugs. You can greet every customer with a reliable website and a secure online experience.

We’ll do the Visual Sculpting for You

Do you have a specific design specimen in mind for your website? We have the creative and technical expertise to make this happen. Not to worry if you can’t decide on the theme or the type of website your business needs. Our web development services agency can plan, convert, and execute a profitable website for you.

Corporate Web Development

Neat, spic, and span Tuxedo!

Is your brand’s purpose to serve management level, CEOs, B2B, and the like?

Then you may need to make a formal first impression.

We will develop a website with advanced functionality that is professionally themed. Once the website is developed, it will be handed over to the designer to design a corporate look.

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WordPress Development

Casual but not too casual!

This is one of the most popular open content management systems.

If you believe in self-hosting your website then this is the type you need.

You will get multiple themes (paid and non-paid), flexibility in customizing, and relevant plugins.

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E-Commerce development

Because shopping carts are digital savvy!

Your customers will want a website that renders them a smooth buying process. We will develop the very same with added features of bill payments, sign-ins, and delivery dates.

User navigation will also be done strategically to allow customers to enjoy the best website experience above competitors.

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What are the factors you take into consideration while developing a website?

Some of the primary factors we take into consideration will depend on your business goals. From the aim to sell products or services, build a fan following, provide information, and so on. Once your clear purpose for developing a website has been established, we will look toward the following factors:

  • Demographics, target audience interests, online behavior
  • Content strategy and direction
  • Design plan and layout
  • Website responsiveness, security, Speed loading time
  • Accessibility, analytics, maintenance

While the above factors are common for most brands, we will customize web development requirements specific to each client. In this context, more unique and distinct factors will be collectively utilized to ensure accurate and impactful website development services.

How do I ensure my Shopify website continues to function smoothly over time?

For any website, maintenance is a prerequisite once it is developed. Therefore, from time to time, with new updates and features available, including the expansion of your website, you must ensure to maintain your website.

For a Shopify website, Shopify takes care of core updates so this part may not be as concerning. However, you will have to keep updating the apps you install on your website as outdated apps can cause compatibility issues. Other updates you must look into are for your Shopify website:

  • Theme updates
  • Inventory management updates
  • Content updates

Other aspects you must consider are:

  • Backing up your website data regularly
  • Use strong passwords to secure your website
  • Consider two-factor authentication for enhancing security
  • Stay updated on your website’s performance through Shopify analytics
How long does it take to develop a website?

A web development agency will typically take 4 weeks to 24 weeks depending on the complexity of the requirements.

For instance, a simple website with minimal features can potentially be built in a few weeks, whereas a large-scale website with complex functionalities, countless products, and services can cover a significant amount of time before it is finally built.

The main objective of a website development company would be to ensure that the website built will be of the highest quality, intuitive user experience, and goal-oriented layout and communication.

What information will you require from my business to develop the website?

We will require the following information from you:

  • The goal of your website requirements. Do you want brand awareness, generate leads, higher engagement or simply provide a platform for information, and other goals?
  • Information about your business to decide the type of website to be created (WordPress, Shopify, Magento 2)
  • Features you are looking for in your website based on the products or services you wish to sell
  • Your brand guidelines
  • If you have existing content, images, videos, text, etc.
  • If you have an existing domain name and website hosting platform, or if you want us to acquire the same for you.
Will you decide on a website theme? Will it be a paid theme?

We will decide on website themes and share a few options with you. However, we usually work on theme-based designs and formats for Shopify websites. Apart from that, we design bespoke websites, be it for corporate or any other.

Will you test my website before going live?

Yes, web testing is a crucial step which is why we will test every website after we develop it. We conduct the following tests:

  • Functionality test
  • Usability testing
  • Performance test
  • Browser and device compatibility testing

Conducting such website tests will help us identify and fix any hidden bugs and technical glitches.

Does your web development company offer support services after you make my website?

Yes, we offer website maintenance services to ensure that your website runs smoothly and delivers value and quality services to your customers. We also offer to optimize your website through our SEO services with the aim to improve your website’s ranking position on search engine platforms. This way, we can help you reach out to your audience through a more targeted and objective-driven approach.

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