Website Development

Some make it look good, we’ll create a masterpiece.

Giving you cost-effective and customer-centric website readiness

Some make it look good, we’ll create a masterpiece.

Giving you cost-effective and customer-centric website readiness

Developers are the digital construction workers of your website.

The techies behind how a website should be rather than how it should look.

We have a team of developers who work with the UI/UX designer to create a website.

Almost always, we get requests to make a “basic website” which we know is never basic.

Why should your website be basic when you can do so much?

  • Display product lines, shopping carts
  • Create sign-ups
  • Add a catalogue
  • Insert a weight calculator
  • Create multiple choice questionnaire forms

A glimpse into a few brief questions we would ask you.

  • What do you know about your audience?
  • What customer pain points are you solving with your product or service?
  • Is there a specific website experience you want for your visitors?
  • Do you have a particular design feature in mind? Do share…
  • Any technical requirements that you haven’t told us yet?

We understand that developing a website comes at a high price. But we believe in affordability.

We’ll work out the best cost and meet all your website requirements.

Do websites have a type?

They are specific raised to perfection

The type of website you want depends on how you want to serve your customers.

They may develop trust in your brand if your website looks a certain way.

We as experts will identify and narrow down the specific requirements of customer behaviour and expectations.

Based on this, we will recommend you the type of website that is perfect for your brand.

Corporate web development

Neat, spic and span Tuxedo!

Is your brand’s purpose to serve management level, CEOs, B2B and the likes?

Then you may need to make a formal first impression.

We will develop a website with advanced functionality that is professionally themed. Once the website is developed, it will be handed over to the designer to design a corporate look.

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Wordpress development

Casual but not too casual!

This is one of the most popular open content management systems.

If you believe in self-hosting your website then this is the type you need.

You will get multiple themes (paid and non-paid), flexibility in customizing, and relevant plugins.

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E-Commerce development

Because shopping carts are digital savvy!

Your customers will want a website that renders them a smooth buying process. We will develop the very same with added features of bill payments, sign-ins, and delivery dates.

User navigation will also be done strategically to allow customers to enjoy the best website experience above competitors.

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