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Restart 2021 – Hubilo Virtual Event for North America

Performance marketing for Hubilo

Hubilo’s team reached out with an SOS (but the kinds that’s exciting) to our team: we have a new focus, new tech-stack, new opportunities and a whole new market that we want to reach out to, they said. Can you help us get this off the ground? This was music to our ears and we jumped right into our performance marketing pitch and plan. We knew this one was going to be a demanding, fast-paced and highly rewarding campaign – led by performance marketing.

On the back of red hot-growth and funding, Hubilo and their team had set sights on the American market. They wanted to kick this off on the back of a virtual event targeted to marketing teams, across industries and locations, across North America. Great plan to attract and build a sales pipeline of potential customers down the line – but how do we get to them in an effective and cost-efficient manner?

That’s where we came in. The brief to us was to create a target oriented, multi-channel performance marketing plan that would help Hubilo not only build awareness for the first time in the United States market, but also bring in leads that would stack up the their deal-flow and get their sales counter humming.

Game on!


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In a short 4 week campaign, we teamed up with our partner agency Dataworkz for their expertise in the US market and started brainstorming a creative and media strategy that could a) achieve agressive campaign goals set by the team and b) do it in a cost effective manner.

For an ambitious startup like ours, the most important thing is to find a team that understands our goals and the pace we like to operate at. We are completely goal oriented – and if I were to pick the most valuable takeaway in our interaction with the team for this campaign, it would be that they understood this perfectly. They complemented our goals with their experience and followed it up with relentless execution. That is exactly what we like at Hubilo and we were thrilled to see this in action with our agency partnership on this campaign with Bonoboz and DW.

Jivitesh Jadwani
Jivitesh Jadwani

Brand Manager, Hubilo

What we didwe did

The starting point was careful deliberation with the Hubilo team to understand more details about the event, speakers, audience targeted to quickly get up to speed on their vision for Restart 2021.

After this, we went deeper into understanding the current volumes and opportunities that existed for ‘virtual marketing’ in the United States. All key metrics across channels – including inventory metrics. Dataworkz and the team’s prior experience for similar campaigns in the United States made this possible. This would form the foundation of our media plan & recommendations.

Along side this, we sat with our creative team to create a campaign design that would be the face of the this media plan. This involved a detailed understanding of the of the existing brand guidelines, tone of voice, margin of explorations – all the while keeping in the mind the constraint of making ads that perform.


Further, we wanted to make sure we create enough experiments so as to be able to get data driven areas for improvement once the campaign started, across platforms.






These plans went through thorough scrutiny by all teams – including the Hubilo team. Hat tip to their team – while their inputs added significant value in terms of aligning to their market and goals, they allowed for enough leeway for DW and BNZ creative teams to create and execute their vision. Shout out to Jivitesh, Rahul and Manish!

With the scale of the campaign (budgets x channels x creatives), we knew that getting a solid plan was just step 1. We need a robust tracking and optimisation framework that would allow us to scale the campaign with outer bounds on CPL – all the while getting insights on performance that would then be supported by new creatives. What’s more – speakers kept getting added to the conference roster. So essentially the operations flywheel of this campaign required quick turnarounds and a tight feedback loop.

Multiple team members from both teams of Dataworkz, Bonoboz and Hubilo collaborated with lightening speed and insight over a sustained 4-week sprint to the launch of the event. Were there hiccups along the way? Sure, any campaign created and managed at this size and speed would be expected to – but all were resolved quickly and made the overall campaign a stellar success that saw 1000’s or registrations for the live virtual event & sessions and 100’s of marketing and sales qualified leads in a valuable and untapped market.


Restart 2021 was a quick but impactful success. With many great speakers that Hublio had lined up, there was a spike in awareness about the conference and increased overall awareness in a very targeted market for the brand.

On top of that, we were able to help generate registrations that helped build a valuable sales pipeline to this massive virtual events opportunity that Hubilo has just begun to scratch the surface of.

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