Social Media

Leads, not likes is what we focus on

Like every other form of marketing, social media marketing too is about reaching potential customers. Helping you reach thousands of such customers at once is what we do with our social media marketing services.

It does not stop at Facebook

Facebook might be the most powerful social network out there. But that is definitely not where our social marketing efforts stop. Consider this:

Instagram has 300 million users. Pinterest has 70 million, more than 80% of which purchase something they have pinned. Linkedin has more than 300 million registered members.

An engaging social media marketing strategy is what we build for your brand, based on your target audience, and the results you expect. For example, if your target audience lies in the age group of 18-29, you should be spending most on Instagram and Facebook.

Similarly, you could leverage Linkedin to attract top talent.

Learn what social media networks you should be focusing on most.

We keep it real

It is a carefully concocted mix of Facebook advertising, engaging posts, and the right time that goes into making social media marketing successful. While click farms are a reality, we do our best to get your brand real followers, and real engagement.

Did you know financial services companies are more likely to drive engagements on Sundays than any other day?

Facebook advertising prices have increased by almost 250%

Carefully tailored Facebook ads that target your potential audience

With more than 40 million small businesses jostling for eyeballs on Facebook, it can be tough to get noticed. Facebook advertising is one way to be seen, but you don’t want to be seen by the wrong people. Careful analysis of your segment audience is what we do before we dive into Facebook ads. We don’t let your money go waste.

Retweets for tweets with images is 150% more than usual tweets

In-house designers who create custom visual content

Visual content drives the most engagement on social media networks. Instagram has the highest per-brand engagement rate amongst all social networks. Photos on Facebook pages drive 87% of all the engagement.

We have talented in-house designers who can create custom visual content to drive brand awareness in the social media world. From clever infographics to witty images that are aligned to your brand, we leave no stone unturned to get your business noticed.

Social media optimization is about creating brand ambassadors

That’s what we strive to do with a carefully thought out social media marketing strategy. Learn how social media marketing can help you get more business. Let’s help you drive sales.