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eCommerce Web Design

We Create Shopping Experiences that Help you Sell More

Did you know women are more likely to buy from an online store that has tones of purple, blue, or green? Or that online portals with the color blue cultivate trust? It is the small details that matter in ecommerce website design.

A beautifully designed shopping cart that quickens the checkout process; strategically placed information to win the trust of users; and easy navigation, with focus on user experienceand the product images.

As an ecommerce web design and development company, we take care of such minutiae to give you an online store that’s meant to drive sales and bring long-term value.

Powerful integration with social media

74% of consumers take social media seriously when purchasing online

Our ecommerce web design services let you leverage the power of social media to drive more online sales. By making it easier to share your preference, thoughts and feelings on social media, we build stores keeping in mind that we’re operating in an increasingly social world.

Want to reach out to 3 billion potential customers 24/7? Talk to us about your ecommerce web design requirements.

Online stores that are mobile optimized

According to Kissmetrics, more than half the time spent shopping online is spent on mobile devices. In addition to that, almost 66% users prefer accessing a mobile website than a mobile app.

Bottom line is it pays to have your ecommerce store mobile optimized. As an ecommerce web design company, we take care that shopping experiences are beautifully translated to mobile devices. So whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or the latest Nexus phone, our stores will render perfectly on the your devices across both Apple and Android.

Stores that search engine friendly

Kissmetrics data (yes, we’re a fan) further reveals that 30% of traffic to small business online stores comes from organic searches on Google and Yahoo. We often get ask by our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clients what the right time to start with SEO is. The real answer is that it’d be ideal to start just before development. We bring this added perspective and make sure that the site is built with the key structures in place.

Strategically placed elements that build trust

Did you know that more than half the consumers value reviews when buying a product online? Thus, placing reviews strategically close to product information and the buy button could help convert more visitors.

Similarly, trust is an important factor when buying online. Telling your visitors that your website has SSL certificate helps build trust, making them more likely to buy online. Every element that we include in your ecommerce web design is there to help you convert more. Period.

We give you stores that are fast, reliable, and affordable

Our ecommerce web design services do not cost a bomb, and we definitely do no cut corners. Let’s discuss your brand and how we can give you an impeccable online presence that boosts your sales.

We aren’t just another ecommerce web design company though. We’re a team of ecommerce enthusiasts with a deep understanding of effort that goes into making a successful ecommerce venture.