PPC Campaign Management Services

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We are a digital marketing company specializing in running PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. We have worked with several brands to help them convert users into leads and leads into relevant leads through the customer funnel. Paid advertising entails campaigns that require close monitoring and precision in decision-making from the budget to the content communicated. For this, businesses need experienced PPC management services.

The journey from seeing an online ad all the way to making a purchase is a complex process.

We kid you not, love requires commitment. That’s why our PPC campaign management services are dedicated to giving your customers the best experience on their way to your website or landing page. Allow us to work on your brand campaigns to get improved lead quality at a realistic cost per click.

Need help driving traffic and generating leads? We’ll do the heavy-lifting for you

Act Fast. Confess your love for your customers. They need to know you care or competition might steal them. Have a look at our PPC Management services that we can work on to align with your marketing goals:

  • Take off the load of targeting customers, we’ll take it from here: PPC gets the work done fast. By outsourcing PPC campaign management services, you and your team can free up valuable time to work on other core functions. A paid ad can help you reach out to your customers easily through precise targeting. This approach helps you stand out from the competition while creating a unique brand presence.
  • Free up your time while we give you real-time campaign performance analysis: The ads run can be measured and tracked by qualified PPC management services experts with metrics that tell you whether the ad is performing well. The ad parameters are adjusted to suit a favorable outcome for the brand. For instance, we drove 95+% leads through Google and Facebook ads for FLAME University. Through our pay-per-click advertising expertise, we created a neatly divided campaign and ad set structure that helped us perform on strong, low-cost keywords. We diverted more spending to keywords and areas with scope for visibility and conversion improvement.
  • No need to patrol multiple search engine platforms when we have your back: Not just Google but Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and the like; your relevant customers can be found in places you may have not yet looked. Many times, brands are unable to tap a wider pool of their audience due to a gap between the platforms they use and the brand’s capability of reaching them. As a PPC Company, we’re here to bridge that gap. Also, we will work on defining the target audience on each of these search engine platforms.

Tap a wider pool of your target audience with our pay-per-click advertising services.

  • We’ll carry forward and implement data-driven insights from existing ads run for future PPC campaigns: The resulting PPC ads that we run will help us gather data useful for future PPC ad campaigns. We will understand customer behavior, what causes them to leave the ad, where they spend more time, and so on. Through such data-backed insights generated in real-time, our PPC agency can work on continuously optimizing our campaigns to ensure optimal performance. This data will help us build a foundation for optimizing future ad campaigns as well.
  • Need ROI-driven Ad copies? Let us add weightage to your landing page: We will craft compelling ad copies that relate to your target audience’s preferences, interests, and purchasing behavior. Our PPC campaign management expert will manage high-performing copies that captivate users and drive clicks. Every page relevant to the PPC campaign management strategy will be optimized for conversions and improved ROI.
  • Sit back and relax while we perform integrated marketing: We value the significance of bringing every digital marketing strategy full circle like complementing PPC advertising with other marketing channels. Therefore, our PPC campaign management expert will integrate your ad campaigns with marketing channels like social media and SEO. For instance, we scaled a campaign for the Hubilo Virtual Event for North America leading to 1000s of registrations and 100s of marketing and sales qualified leads in untapped markets.

PPC Campaign Marketing services we offer

Tired of figuring out how PPC marketing works. You don’t need to run campaigns by yourself, we’ll back you up with experience and expertise.

Search Ads Display Ads Social Ads
Target new customers who are looking for your products and services. Use search ads for short sale cycles and pilot campaigns and acquire strong and high-quality leads. Target people visiting industry-related sites through optimized photos and texts. Capture the online user’s attention and convince them to action. Use display ads for longer sales cycles, targeting niche customers. Looking to target users on LinkedIn, X, Instagram, or Facebook? Reach them through social ads, targeting their networks, hobbies, interests, etc. If you have an active social media presence, doing social ads can help you get relevant customers.
Remarketing Ads Google Shopping Ads YouTube Ads
Retarget customers who have visited your website to take action on your brand offerings. Through lower competition and higher targeted segments, you can use PPC ad formats and extensions to develop goal-oriented results. Appear to your potential users when they are browsing through the Google search results. Your ad can appear in a carousel above or next to the main Google search results. Now is your chance to reach out to customers with the real intent to buy. Is your target audience present on YouTube? Who isn’t? We can leverage PPC ads on YouTube search results, videos, and video partners on display networks. Reach out to your customers with interesting brand offerings, naturally slotting in the middle of video content.
Gmail Sponsored Promotions Local Services Ads Amazon PPC Ads
Generate direct response leads through Gmail-sponsored promotions. Allow prospects to make direct calls where they can be converted through the proper channel of the sales funnel. Our PPC management services will work on setting your Gmail-sponsored promotions to optimize target abilities and generate clicks. Although local service ads are limited to certain industries, we do this as well! Applicable to electricians, HVAC companies, plumbing, and locksmith companies, we can target the right demographics and make businesses more visible online. Drive increased store visits by running sponsored ads on Amazon’s key locations. Generate brand awareness and optimize your sales process. Organize your Amazon PPC campaigns and raise profits with the help of our PPC management services expert.


Is a pay-per-click advertising campaign going to help my brand?

Absolutely! You must first understand the type of website you own including your brand offerings. Once this is understood, the type of PPC campaign ads that need to be run for you can be identified and executed effectively.

What is the concept of a pay-per-click ad?

PPC ads appear alongside other competitor search results. Advertisers do not pay for the ads that appear on the search engine result page. However, there is an automated process called ad auction that search engines use to identify relevant ads shown to viewers including the frequency at which they appear. This ad auction is a bidding system where advertisers bid for the key search terms (keywords) which when searched for, display the targeted sponsored link.

What are the benefits of pay-per-click?

Pay-per-click has many relevant benefits, including:

  • Allows you to manage your budget and control it based on the ad type.
  • Can target an audience based on demographics like interests, keywords, etc.
  • Track measurable results based on the number of clicks, conversions, and other metrics
  • Drives traffic to the website faster compared to other digital marketing activities to quickly reach new customers and increase sales
  • Each PPC campaign ad can be tested and adapted as per its performance
  • PPC ads can be used as a means to optimize SEO efforts through the data obtained
How long does it take for PPC Ads to show results?

PPC ad campaigns can help increase brand awareness and maximize visibility from the day the ad begins. However, an effective campaign can take a few months to produce relevant leads.

What metrics will define whether my PPC ad campaign is producing good engagement?

You can look forward to the following metrics:

  • Impressions on the number of times the ad was shown
  • Clicks on the ad
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Cost per click
  • Quality score that reflects the ad’s relevance
What metrics will define the performance of my PPC ad?
  • Conversions on the number of times a desired action is taken by the user on your ad
  • Conversion Rate on the percentage of the people who clicked your ad
  • Cost per acquisition on the average amount paid to acquire a new lead
  • Return on ad spend to show the financial return on the PPC investment

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