PPC Management

Your campaign is in the right hands

According to Wordstream, small businesses waste almost 25% of their PPC budget on an average, due to poor management. Our PPC campaign managers have a trained eagle-eye to keep a tight leash on your campaign to maximize what you achieve from it.

Google handles 40,000 searches every second. No matter what business you’re in, your customers are somewhere there. We’ll help you get to them.

We don’t stop at Google though

Google is huge when it comes to any PPC campaign. However, here is another fact: More than 1.2 million businesses vie for the same set of eyeballs on Google through advertising. This means that it’s a highly contested space for your customer’s short attention.

So the way is to diversity your efforts so you know what works best for your brand. Our PPC services go beyond Google. We include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and several niche players that offer ad inventory for businesses.

More than half the mobile users who click on ads call a business directly

We do not ignore mobile

According to studies, more people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. Furthermore, by 2017, almost 85% of the world population is expected to have 3G. No matter what business you’re in, you can’t ignore mobile any more. We help you run campaigns that optimize for impressions on mobile devices.

Churning all the data for actionable insights

Which keywords are driving the most sales? What times of the month is most profitable for you? Which ads are working and which are simply a waste of money? When should you be displaying your ads, and where?

We answer all of those questions and more with our PPC services. As a PPC company in India, we churn the data. We break it down into easily understandable metrics. We give you a clear plan-to-action that can help you improve conversions.

Remarketing Search List Ads (RSLA) can be a powerful tool

We can even bring back your failed customers

Very often, someone visits your website, but goes away without buying anything. Google and Facebook both allow to set up complex campaigns that tailor your ads specifically to people who have been on your website before. It is possible to bring back those lose conversions, and make one more attempt. It is possible to coax them into buying your product or service.

Meeting your goals is our top priority

PPC can be about a lot of things. It can be to improve visibility. It can be to acquire new customers. It can be to increase your brand loyalty. Or it can also be to manage the reputation of your business.

Whatever your PPC goals are, we’re dedicated to deliver them.