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Search Engine Optimisation is faster than you think.

And no, a snail is way slower.

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SEO is almost never considered by many businesses. We all know why.

We don’t want you to commit this grave injustice with your brand too.

Our SEO team is almost invisible at times. We just can’t seem to hear anything from that department. Sometimes, we have to go check on them.

What we find…

They’re busy monitoring the ever-changing algorithms on search engines.
They’re constantly on the move, silently, in their seats.

It’s a game of patience, we know. The results reaped are, however, worth it.

The SEO line starts where SEM and PPC have paused to take a monetary break.
In fact, SEO should be initiated immediately and stay all the way to the end.

There are long term gains

And they entail a lot of work

On-page activities: keyword usage, anchor tag, Meta tags and descriptions, page and post titles, and interlinking.

Off-page activities: improving SERP positioning, link building, forums, reaching out to influencers, guest authors, newsletters, and content marketing.

The above activities may seem like just a few points but then again our SEO ninjas are steady. Their work speaks for themselves and your brand will see the difference.

 SEO activities work on a steady pace

When done consistently, it can create wonders.

There are long term benefits that any brand can gain through organic marketing.

  • Attracts users who are actively looking for products related to your offerings.
  • As the term suggests, these ads are organic which means, you don’t have to pay for the ongoing traffic to your website. BTW, the service fee is not organic in nature, if you get what we mean.
  • Subject to speculation; SEO can generate more clicks than PPC ads. It’s a psychological thing actually! Consumers prefer clicking on links that are not advertisements. But opt for our PPC services, we do it differently.
  • SEO can complement PR marketing efforts. Our trained experts are able to identify industry blogs or news publications where content can be leveraged.
  • Organic advertising helps stay ahead of competition as we create the best strategy to cross the finish line first.

SEO and its relevance are soon catching up among other brands.

We’d hate to see you end up one the 3rd or 10th page of Google.

Let’s meet up on the first page at the top. All you have to do is click here.

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