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Responsive Web Design

We Don’t Let your Conversions Drop on Mobile Devices

According to a survey by Kissmterics, a 1 second delay in page load times on mobile devices can result in 7% reduction in conversions. On top of that, most mobile users expect a browsing experience comparable to their desktop or laptop.

That’s what we give your users with our responsive web design service.

Images are a huge thorn in the bush, but we know how to deal with them

Desktop sites typically have large images, which are resized in responsive web design to suit smaller screens. Resizing often leads to slower loading times, not to mention the strain it puts on CPU and memory of the users’ device.

We have a way around the problem though, which does not hamper the aesthetics or branding of your web real estate. Talk to us about your responsive web design requirements, and we will let you in on the secret.

Mobile websites that don’t freeze or crash

A Kissmetrics survey says that an overwhelming 51% of mobile users have encountered a website that froze on crashed on them. As a responsive web design company, we make sure none of that happens with your virtual real estate. How? Rigorous testing. Simple.

Mobile websites which aren’t difficult to read

The same Kissmetrics survey says almost 48% of mobile users have come across a poorly formatted website, which is tough to read. With our HTML responsive web design, your websites are bound to stay beautiful and usable across devices, and screens.

We use just the correct amount of code

Responsive web design needs more code in order to load faster on mobile devices. But add too much and you could instead increase the waiting time. Our experienced web developers use the optimum amount of organized code to keep your websites fast and functional across platforms.

We are convenient, and affordable

Clear communication, extensive brainstorming, and a thorough understanding of clients’ requirements are how every project begins for us. It allows us to deliver projects on time, and within your budget.

We are an affordable responsive web design company that knows how to deliver a cost-effective solution. Most times, all it takes is clever use of WordPress to make impeccable, responsive websites.

Mobile users can no longer be ignored

Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher

It is expected that by 2017, almost 90% people will access internet on their phones

Mobile overtook desktops and laptops as the preferred medium for internet access in 2014

Still ignoring mobile devices?

Our responsive web design service is geared to put your brand in people’s pockets, literally. Talk to us about your project. Let’s make it happen.