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Android App Development

Intuitive apps that don’t get abandoned

More than 20% of Android apps are just used once. And that’s just from the ones that get downloaded. Countless others never even make it to the users’ screen. As an android app development company, we’re focused on building beautiful apps that bring real value and utility to your audience.

Our apps work across devices, operating systems, and networks

We build lightweight Android apps that are compatible with different devices, screen sizes and operating system versions out there. They are thoroughly tested for interoperability and performance before being released to the end-user. The result: scintillating apps that are robust infrastructure and easy to use.

Let’s brainstorm on some app ideas for your business. We can give you some brilliant ideas.

Almost 80% of smartphones in the world run on Android

From small business apps to enterprise solutions

Need an app to track your on-the-move sales team? We can do it.

How about an app that gives your users an interactive product demo? We can handle that.

An app that allows people to redeem their discount coupons? Check.

An app that shows customized content to your audience? Done.

Whether small-business apps to drive user engagement, or enterprise solutions to improve efficiency within your organization or customers, our Android app development services can take care of it all.

Some studies show that up to 30% mobile users are likely to leave a transaction due to poor experience.

We get your business on the mCommerce bandwagon

Mobile commerce is already huge, and it is just getting started. Already, more than half the total time spent on retail websites takes place on mobile devices.

With 3G access expected to breach the 80% mark by 2017, mobile commerce is set to surge. We can get you a share of the pie with our solutions for m-commerce.

We can create native mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with other channels. Native apps are built to deliver a better experience than mobile websites. And better experience translates better brand equity, better call-to-actions and eventually more revenue.

Carefully designed apps that work

With more people accessing information on their mobile than ever before, apps have become an important branding tool. As a digital marketing company, we integrate Android app development with marketing and branding efforts to engage your audience better.

We combine a thorough study of user-experience behavior and combine it with fresh ideas to take Android application development in India to the next level. It’s not just merely about solving a technology problem – it’s about how users feel after using the application.

We take you to the heart of the action.

You have something in mind, but not sure where to start? Try our project planner module and let’s start a conversation.