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Making Huber & Holly a delicious online brand

We partnered with Huber & Holly, a new & exciting digitally-native brand with a first mover advantage in the freshly-churned ice cream market in India. We were brought on board when there was only 1 store in Ahmedabad and tasked with creating brand awareness and a community built on a very strong product and brand story.

The Huber & Holly team brought with them a deep expertise in ice-creams, F&B and in-store experience. The attention to detail they brought to the customer experience made our job a lot easier. Our job was to tell their story authentically online – and attract people to the in-store experience as thought of and conceived.

Easy? Let’s see how we did it.


Successful National Store Launch


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High Organic Engagement Rates

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To create a delicious digital native brand.

We were excited when the H&H team approached us to take over the digital responsibilities for the brand. Many of us had been to the physical space and already had an appreciation for the attention to detail that showed. Since then, we have worked on a variety of activities to grow their presence online – right from creating content, building a brand website and an instagram community that thrived on great food, drink & of course ice-cream!

I came in to this engagement with some trepidation – as one does with a young brand – but was totally taken away by the ownership and commitment Bonoboz showed to making the story of Huber & Holly their own. Loads of initiative to try new stories, formats, content and all with a keen eye on driving the results we needed. As I look back at our engagement, I am grateful for the tremendous start and momentum that they gave this young brand and helped us make the transition to expanding outside Ahmedabad very successfully.

Chaitanya Rele

Chief Marketing Office, SIMPL Innovative Brands

What we didwe did

Aligned with the awesome marketing team at Huber & Holly with an ear to the customer.

We were able to identify products to highlight and create visibility for. We always knew that the features of the food alone would not be enough, we would have to find a tone of voice, maintain consistency and wrap a story (interest value).

  1. This was done through a combination of content buckets:
  • Signature product launches that go viral, including getting picked by Buzzfeed


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  • Topical events integrated with product – 9 nights, 9 new flavours for Navratri
  • Community engagement campaigns


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  • Relatable video content


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  • Short, food appeal videos

  • Influencer meets in Ahmedabad, Mumbai & Hyderabad to create buzz & top-of-mind awareness


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  • Store announcements made cool


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This focus on giving the community what it craved for without losing touch with the brand promise led us into campaigns which generated high awareness & engagement. The constant creation of new content formats – and channels (feed, polls, stories, videos) made it a brand to engage with and tell your friends about.

On the paid front, we were very nimble and relied on metrics to guide our spends. All content that was performed well early was amplified for reach and following. New store launches were geo-targeted and advertised among a very specific geography.

With a good combination of content, brand story and amplification, we saw quick results – but also results that translated to business.

The great thing about the engagement was that it often led to conversations among people, while our product was just the trigger. This meant real conversations, real customers.


Organised influencer meets to launch stores in Hyderabad and Mumbai which clearly showed an up-tick in awareness and in-store sales.

Thriving Instagram community growth from 113 followers –> 11.4k followers

Viral video creation & distribution with more than – even picked up by Buzzfeed India & global

Successfully delivered on a quick brand website

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