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How content is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry and its future


 If you’re selling a product online without a well-planned content strategy, you’ll find it way more challenging to generate substantial revenue. As you know, the e-commerce or digital retail industry is becoming more and more competitive each day.

What can you sell to your audience through e-commerce platforms? The answer is valuable content. Great content alone can generate massive revenue for e-commerce businesses (without any paid ads). 

Power of content for e-commerce businesses

Any idea why businesses in the e-commerce industry are focusing on creating high-quality content right these days? It is because content marketing serves so many additional purposes as compared to other forms of content.

Some of these purposes are: 

  • Customer journey support: How do you lead your customer from one stage of the conversion funnel to another? Well-researched content can guide your customer through all the crucial touch points leading to purchase.
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost: How much do you invest in acquiring a new customer? Methods like outbound marketing or paid advertising are high investments with low returns. Content created and added strategically across your website can switch up the customer acquisition game and reduce the cost.
  • Relationship building: The simple marketing formula is “If your audience doesn’t trust you, they won’t always consider your brand while making a purchasing decision.” How do you make your brand seem authentic to people? The solution is to leverage the power of content marketing through meaningful and personalized communication.

Content design strategies for e-commerce marketing

The content creation and consumption patterns are constantly changing. How do you hold the attention of your audience when there is already so much content out there? The trick is to create original and creative content that resonates with the audience.

Some of the best strategies are: 

  • Killer written copies: Persuasive copies with the right amount of sass can hook your prospects to your brand. Never underestimate the power of written words!

    It is the best content strategy to influence target customers. As an e-commerce consulting platform, our team creates catchy written content that sells! 

  • How-to videos: Why will people buy anything from you unless they know how to use it? Include information-rich demonstrative videos to educate potential buyers about your offerings.
  • Blog posts and newsletters: One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to become sales-oriented with their customers. In reality, customers want an experience that can help them make an informed decision. Create blogs and interesting newsletter content to drive up engagement because you will create content that your audience can use to fix their problems. Provide value to your prospects, and sales will follow.

Do you want help with the content strategy for your e-commerce business? We can curate just the perfect strategy your brand needs.

Bonus tips

  • Use a user feedback tool to create user-generated content. Through this content, answer your user’s queries and discuss topics that interest them but are related to your business.
  • Deploy heatmap tools to figure out which content pieces are generating more engagement across the website. Try to build more content around these pieces.
  • How do you decide the ratio between informative and promotional marketing? Use social media’s new marketing 80/20 rule. Make 20% of your content promotional and the rest value-enriched.

The secret behind e-commerce success

The secret behind a successful e-commerce business is to sell a product by building a landing page that connects with the audience. A landing page has the potential to be one of the best conversion tools. It’s really no secret, but businesses often forget this simple and effective approach when they’re all caught up in promotions.

A landing page having all the essential elements and a compelling content strategy can hit just the right chord with your prospects. 

Content marketing for e-commerce businesses is complicated but not impossible or undoable! A detailed strategy helps a lot, along with other effective brand storytelling techniques.

E-commerce businesses do not have attractive stores with displays enough to grab the attention of their audience. We design effective landing pages that persuade your audience to hit that “buy now” button like nothing else.

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