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How businesses can grow using Paid Ad Campaigns


When you want to generate online leads for your business, you can use a number of digital marketing campaigns. One of the most effective online marketing techniques to generate a high number of leads in a short span of time is Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising includes an advertisement that you have to sponsor by paying advertisers a pre-decided amount. These advertisers will display your ad on targeted search engines or social media channels. This approach is an online promotion method in which your brand’s ad conveys specific information to encourage users to click on your ad.

There are different types of paid ads, including local, instream, social, search, display, and so on. Studies show that businesses investing in paid advertising receive more sales and profit. However, one must be aware of the right time to use and not to use paid ads.

Targeting your audience and placing brand advertisements correctly

Online paid ads make it easier to funnel the right audience and drive traffic towards your website. For instance, if you are placing an ad for premium diaries, most often writers, and poets, including diary lovers will get targeted. This is based on the segmenting you do for these ads. It may be men and women of different age groups, but you can target them based on their likes and dislikes.

This process helps to boost sales and profit, which is the most essential advantage for any brand.

At the same time, it is important to consider where you are placing your ad. For instance, if you want to sell premium diaries then target your audience accordingly. Do not put up a topic not entirely related to what you do. This means that you place your ad in front of the right people who want to buy diaries. Do not place your ad where people are not interested about the material of which diaries are made. Therefore, spend wisely and place your ads based on a strategic plan, be it for business growth through Google ads or LinkedIn Ads, or another other platform.

When is the right time to use paid ads?

You don’t need paid ads to support the growth of your business all the time. You don’t want to overdo it, which means that certain objectives will guide you towards paid ads.

If you want to drive direct traffic from sales or website-based engagement then go for search engine marketing. If you want to improve brand awareness then opt for paid social. Many times, you may have to run both simultaneously; for instance, to remarket users who clicked on a Google ad but then abandoned it. Other instances include:

  • Capturing mid to low funnel users who are targeted via ads unrelated to the page they engage with or visit.
  • Collecting and storing the remarketing list of users, using SEM to introduce more highly-qualified consumers to the website. The users that convert will help in growing the social CRM or remarketing list, creating more lookalike audiences for social media.

That said, the type of paid ads you want to run depends on your intent. It’s based on your objectives, which you can divide into primary and secondary focus. Use SEM for direct conversions, and paid social for brand awareness or engaging users. If you are unsure, try the testing mode where you split your investments into 50/50 mode for 48 hours. One ad can lean towards paid social while the other leans towards SEM, which helps you analyze the impressions and conversions, if any. You can then shift funds in the ad that works best for your brand at the time.

The benefits of paid advertising for your business

Paid advertising when used correctly can greatly benefit your business.

  • You can use paid ads to accelerate business growth, especially when organic growth is slow.
  • Online paid ads are affordable and also are measurable. Through metrics like CTR, impressions, conversions, etc., you’ll know how the ads are performing.
  • You can carry out granular testing to get as specific as you want to with your ad. 
  • Testing ads in the 50/50 mode helps you understand the type of ads that work best for your brand.
  • You can broadcast simple or specific messages through multiple, selected channels. For instance, Google displays network or search ads and even uses social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • You can retarget and retain existing target audiences to create a base of loyal customers. 
  • If your business website isn’t ranking well due to slow organic growth, you can boost it with paid ads.

The significance of creating the right message for paid ads

As we mentioned earlier, you need to be more specific with the type of paid ad you run. This includes communicating the right message as well. Let’s take the premium diaries again as an example. If you want people to buy your diaries, you can place an ad that says the best premium diaries available at affordable pricing. People interested in premium diaries will most definitely look at your ad, click and browse through your collections. If a premium diary catches their eye and they like what they see, including the product information, they convert into customers.

So, you want to reach out to potential buyers and not just random people. Your messaging needs to be on point. That said, the more you are willing to spend on a paid ad, the more potential customers you are likely to garner for your business.

Why do businesses need paid ads?

Well, we’ve practically jotted down every point that validates why your business needs paid ad campaign experts. However, to break it down further, you need to understand that you are running a business with competitors working round the clock.

They’re probably strategizing as we speak, and even apart from competitors, your brand needs to thrive. Paid ads offer the perfect opportunity to make sure that your business runs smoothly and stays relevant. If you want to target the right customers then paid ads help you do just that because of its feature to filter the right audience and target the right demographic.

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