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Seven UI/UX designs you should know before designing your new website


We can start by talking about the benefits of a good website design but that wouldn’t help. You need a strong reason to invest your money into website design services before you can make your money work for you.

When you walk into a new store, you immediately feel either happy or dull. You feel happy if the store has aisles segmented in an organized manner. You know what each section is for, and where to pay for all the items you’ve put into your shopping cart.

But there are some stores that are surprisingly different, and not in a good way. When you enter, you feel dull. The lighting isn’t too bright, the paint on the walls is dull, and the bread slices you picked off the shelf just feel really, really sad. The staff isn’t as lively, and they frankly couldn’t care less.

Picture this scenario with your website giving your target audience a similar experience. The content written is sparking no interest, and the colors used are discouraging potential customers from scrolling any further. There’s hardly an easy way to understand where to buy the product or inquire about your service.

You don’t want your customers to experience the same thing with your website. This is why you require excellent website design services to ensure that your users come out as happy customers. Moreover, you require a list of what to add to your website, and this year 2023, we see new trends topping the old ones.

Seven UI/UX design trends to increase website visits this year

If you are planning to make a new website, we suggest you keep an eye out for website design services that have this list too.

1. 3D and animated visual elements

We’re always on the move, so how do you make your static website move along? You need to understand the significance of web developments with design. For instance, 3D and visual elements that are animated can draw attention to static images. You may have engaging content on your website, but remember that you are communicating with a highly distracted audience. The best way you can grab their attention this year is by using animations and 3D effects on your website.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two advanced entities already creating waves in the world of education, healthcare, and retail. It’s obvious where marketing, graphics and website design is headed with AR and VR. AR augments real-world scenes with computer-generated visuals and sounds. At the same time, VR is the computer-generated simulation of a chosen environment. 

They create an immersive experience, something that your audience would be ready to experience at this point in time. So, web designers can use AR/VR to create an immersive experience on your website for your target audience.

3. Solid Shades

It would be nice to know what colors are preferred today. Well, the retro and nostalgic-invoking shades are what’s making their way back into our lives. So, choose color schemes and patterns, and add gradient shades to otherwise flat colors. Your audience wants to enjoy a more energized website but one that evokes meaning. 

4. Dark and anti-light modes

Many users are preferring the dark mode or anti-light mode on their website or mobile screens. It is a graphic design that greatly reduces the harsh effect of bright screen light that affects the eyes.

In fact, many users have found dark mode to be a more appealing factor about a website. It doesn’t strain their eyes when browsing at night, and the site gives out a different vibe that conventional light-screened websites don’t share.

5. Immersive “Scrollytelling” features

You can create an immersive experience on your website and engage your audience accordingly. Give them a story to read visually with the scrolling approach. You can show the content to users in a strategic and narrative manner. Use smooth animations and other dynamic elements to complement static features. 

6. Easy accessibility to positive experiences

Now, this is a trend you want to consider and employ on your website. We’re talking about voice search and mobile-first design, which are making it increasingly convenient for customers to reach out to your competitors.

You can integrate voice search features into your website, so your customers can skip typing in your search bar. It’s also a great tool for visually-impaired people to access your products and services.

Furthermore, you can hire website design services that prioritize users viewing your website through their mobile phones or tablet. Most purchases take place through smaller devices aka smartphones and tablets. So, use this to your advantage and create a seamless buying experience for your users.

7. Personalized communication

Your audience wants to see personalized information that can help them make a better decision on your product or service. If you know the type of audience you are catering to, you’ll know how to talk to them. For instance, 80% of your users speak the regional language. So, you create blogs and content on your website in the language of where your business is located. 

By adding personalization features, you can make your audience feel welcome to your site. Some of these features include providing results based on their browsing behavior and location-based recommendations.

This year, give your audience a website they will always remember. Reach out to us if you want to hire the best website design services.

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