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How to decide whether you require a Web Designer or Web Developer for your business


Do you want to install the right plugins and features for your website? Or, do you want to create a customized brand design? The main objective will define whether you need a web designer or a web developer. Either way, at Bonoboz, we offer both designing and website-building services as part of our web design company.

To understand the service to opt for, you must first understand the roles unique to each specialization.

Why should you first consider a website builder?

Before hiring a website developer, gain a bit of knowledge of what a website builder means. You can hire services for building your website from a web development company to build your website. Here’s what you need to know about the role of a website developer.

Firstly, a website builder is an intuitive tool which you’ve surely heard of! WordPress, Go Daddy, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. These tools are designed to let you build a website. Note that the website is built but with no design in place. Basically, building a car without adding color, door handles, windows, headlights, etc.

It’s easy to build a website using these tools as they offer prompts and there are various how-to tutorials for website-building tasks. You can use a website builder to install and customize templates. You can also use a plugin like Elementor to create your site and edit the existing framework.

The benefit of using a website builder tool is that it already has in-built templates. These are pre-designed templates that are made for specific niches, like food bloggers, software companies, e-commerce brands, and mainly all other industries. They are affordable to buy, intuitive to your requirements, and easy to use.

The need for a website developer to complement web-building efforts

Website builders provide pre-defined templates that cannot be customized based on your requirements. This can be done if you hire a web developer to customize the template and make it appealing to your target audience. A web development company will be your direct point of contact if you decide to hire their services. That way, you can ask for managed and emergency support whenever you need them.

You will find three types of website developers, mainly:

  • Front-end developer – this type of developer is tasked with building CTA buttons, navigation and links, using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, or any other coding tool.
  • Back end-developer – this type of developer will work on building the servers and database of your website. They use advanced coding solutions like PHP, SQL, Ruby, etc.
  • Full-Stack Developer – this type of developer will perform both front- and back-end development activities.

Developers and designers usually work together as their responsibilities concern the same thing – the client’s website. Their goals are the same, to make the website perform remarkably well and look amazingly stunning for the audience.

When do you need web designing services?

A web designer will make your website look awesome because they’re specialized in web designing expertise. A web designer is equipped with the ways, tools and methods of communicating your brand’s message. They can do this through color schemes, typography, information flow, and other types of visual designs.

Our web design company has a team that works professionally to understand the feel of your brand. They’ll create mock-ups of design layout options that you can choose based on your requirements.

Now, under web designing, there are two types of web designers. 

  • A User Interface (UI) designer will work to optimize the journey flow of a visitor on your website. They will ensure that the website has an easy flow with functional buttons positioned in the right places.
  • The other type is the User Experience (UX) designer who works to finetune the overall experience for the user when they visit the website. Their primary objective is to design the website with the end-user in mind and their navigation goals.

The web designer may use tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, or Mockflow, among other tools. 

Deciding among the two – Builder versus Designer

So, now that you know the significant roles and expertise of a website builder and designer. It’s time to decide which one you need at the moment. This depends on the stage you are at, which means whether or not your website has been developed already. If you haven’t yet developed your website, you must connect with a web development company.

They’ll also offer you website designing services to make sure your website gets the best treatment it deserves.

If you have a website developed but are concerned about aesthetics, you can hire a web design company. Fortunately, we have the expertise of both, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

When hiring any special services for your website, ensure that you provide information about your target audience. You must also be aware of the types of challenges you are facing and what solutions you are looking for. Make sure you allot a specified budget for your website design and development as the investment is worth the result.

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