Ten effective digital marketing tactics to improve brand awareness


Brand awareness has been one of the chief focuses of the marketing aspect of the majority of businesses. In layman’s terms, brand awareness is nothing but the popularity of your brand amongst the masses. It’s an indicator of how appropriately people identify and know your brand. This is important because knowing or identifying is a good foundation that can lead to conversions or even repeated sales. Brand awareness is measured by considering various factors like traffic, recognition, etc. So it is a multifactorial unit unlike a single unit of measurement. Measuring brand awareness can give you an overall idea of your brand health and how well the business can thrive and grow, given the same condition. So there is no astonishment when even the best digital marketing firms focus on brand awareness as a part of their client’s marketing and business growth. 

How important is brand awareness for your business?

To know how important brand awareness is for your business, you need to answer one simple question- Do you wish your business would grow and have new customers exponentially while retaining the old ones? If the answer is yes, then creating brand awareness is how you can achieve it. If you are great at creating brand awareness, there is a high chance that potential customers already recognise your brand, and they are bound to think about it when they require a product or service in that same category as your brand offers. 

Social media is the most popular marketing tool in this digital age. Brand awareness creates recognition for your brand amongst the masses, including your target audience. Since the target audience already recognises your brand, its work, the logo, tagline, etc., it becomes easy to communicate with them through social media content. Thus, brand awareness increases the effectiveness of social media marketing. 

It is a basic understanding that you cannot gain customers’ trust unless they are aware of your brand, services, or products. And without trust, there is no chance of conversions or repeated sales. This brand awareness can be the first step towards building trust, which can be developed into loyalty eventually. Customer loyalty can only be achieved if the masses love your brand. 

The aim is to achieve the most trustworthy brand title for your product or service category. Your brand should be the first one to pop up in the minds of people when they are looking for a product or service you are offering. It should be Nike to shoes, Apple to technology needs, Coke to cola, and so on. All this is achievable through good brand awareness. 

Bonoboz is the best digital marketing company that can help in establishing great brand awareness for your brand that has the potential to take your business to new heights. Here is how you can create brand awareness for your business.

1. Google Ads

Google provides you with a platform to search ads for a given keyword. It is shown in the form of top search results on the search engine results page. You can analyse and find out what keyword your target audience generally enters to search for your product or service category and then make purchases accordingly. This will display your website along with the word ‘Ad’ as the first few results on the results page when the audience searches for the relevant product or service. Since your website appears first, there is a high chance that the audience will click through it. Even if they do not click, they indeed notice your website and are bound to visit it the next time they see and recognise it; that’s creating brand awareness. 

2. Work on SEO 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most used tools in digital marketing. Search engines play a vital role in driving traffic to both online and offline stores. SEO not only helps with driving traffic to your website, but ensures that relevant traffic reaches your website. This is because SEO activities encourage the use of publishing content that benefits the audience and touches on their pain points with specific solutions offered through the brand’s products and services. Therefore, Search engine optimization helps in organically ranking your website better on the search results page, and provides a better chance at driving the targeted traffic.

3. Long-form content like blogs is a good means 

Blogs can be an excellent way to reach more audiences. Writing blogs on relevant niches for your website can help you rank better in search engine results pages. So if a potential customer is looking for some information about a particular service, its application or relevancy, etc., you can drive this potential customer to your website by providing the required information in the blog. The blog should also have backlinks to the appropriate website landing page to help with conversion.

4. The story works like a charm

Who doesn’t like stories? You can explain complex facts more quickly and efficiently by summing them into a story. This works for brand awareness too. If you are a small brand, then your story can be your business initiation to development motive. It can revolve around how you saw a problem and wanted to fix it, and your business was born. In the case of large brands, stories of the inception stage, motivation, employee growth, dedication, etc., can be included in the story. Stories connect people well emotionally, and that’s what you wish to achieve- people being connected to your brand emotionally. 

5. Appropriate landing pages can acquaint better 

Will you be happy if you search for a product, select the first result on the search results page, and land on an irrelevant page of some website? No, right? The same world for most of the audience will lead to an increase in bounce rates. Even if your website has the products or services of the category they are searching for, inputting a wrong landing page will only drive away the traffic. In this fast-paced digital world, hardly anyone would search for their required product on your website despite landing on the wrong page. Appropriate Landing pages can help your target audience to acquaint themselves with your brand better by serving the exact needs.

6. Share more than just product details 

Your posts and video content are a great medium for connecting with the masses and creating brand awareness. But not much can be achieved if you just promote the brand, its products or services, customer reviews, etc. Your audience needs to have a strong reason to feel connected and remember your brand. Providing value beyond the product details can help build that connection. This value can be anything like entertainment, education, tricks and tips, etc. 

This does not necessarily require your brand to hire the experts in your niche for a particular talk show or video. The experts in your team can execute the job well. Let the experts share their value through different mediums to the masses, and this will build brand awareness. You can choose to subtly include your product or services at the end but make sure not to focus solely on that.

7. Social media posts and algorithms 

Social media is a growing medium to connect with your audience. Your social media content should resonate with the brand ideologies, services, etc. Organic growth in social media might take some time. But with efficiency, clear strategy and consistency, it is possible to achieve the desired reach. Posting content is not just enough. Working on analytics and twerking your methods by understanding the algorithm is important to achieve the goal. Bonoboz, the best digital marketing agency, is known to provide the best results through organic growth. 

8. Video sells better 

With popular video mediums like YouTube, Instagram reels, etc., there is no price in guessing that video is the most exciting way to engage your target audience. You can probably cover a major chunk of the target audience just through video marketing. Since YouTube results also appear as search engine results, there is a higher chance of achieving that brand awareness amongst the target masses through videos. 

9. Guest blogging with backlinks to your website 

Guest blogging on relevant, authentic websites is excellent for creating brand awareness. When the other website’s audience visits their page and reads your blog, you acquaint your brand with a new audience. All you have to do is to provide appropriate backlinks in the blog, driving traffic to your website. For example, if someone is looking for the use of a digital marketing agency for business growth and finds your blog of the same niche on some other authentic website, they are most likely to read it. You can drive this traffic to your website by creating a backlink to the keyword like ‘best digital marketing agency.’ 

10. Build a brand that is recognisable and catchy 

All these brand awareness tips are only practical if this basic step is executed- recognisable brand building. Building a recognisable brand includes identifying your brand voice, look, values, logo, tagline, etc. The brand voice sets the tone in which the audience should perceive your brand. Brand look or aesthetics primarily includes the colour palette and cultural or generational choices in various aspects of appearance. Brand values will determine what exactly your brand is. In comparison, logos and taglines are the key attractions that will develop your identity. 

This is how you can create brand awareness for your business. Though these steps look pretty simple, effective planning and consistency are required, which can be time-consuming. Bonoboz, the best digital marketing agency, can help you create brand awareness while focusing on the other aspects of the business. 

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