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Digital Success Blueprint: The Power of Advertising Business Online


Regardless of the size of your business, investing even a little in online advertising is a smart move. When it comes to small businesses, they have to start somewhere and take a step in a direction that brings leads. Larger enterprises can think on a huge scale and build their audience, nurture their leads, etc. A small business can do the same while keeping its budget in mind and also creating a well-planned strategy.

If you’re hesitating to start online marketing, we’ll help you recognize the power of advertising business online. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of online advertising and talk about the best places to market your business online.

How does advertising for your business online benefit you?

The power of advertising for your business online is immense. It comes with various options, from Google ads to PPC, SEO, and so on. Let’s discover its benefits for growing your business:

  • Target a specific demographic

With online advertising, you can target a wide pool of audiences. If your business serves a select few, you can target a specific pool of people with a narrower age group, gender, background, preferences, and region-specific too. Digital advertising gives you the liberty to choose how you want to market your business online.

You can do:

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Demographics
  • Interest-based targeting
  • Build a relationship with your audience

Advertising online for your business entails interacting with your audience and developing engagement. You can interact with your audience in the different phases of their buying journey. This includes the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the stage where they are ready to make a purchase.

  • Effective operational cost and flexibility

Do you have a limited budget? That’s okay, advertising online has various marketing options to choose from to fit within your budget. In such cases, the trick is to avoid marketing plans and methods that don’t give you returns.

You can try email marketing to get the best return on investment, but before that remember to build a strong digital marketing strategy. Try connecting with your audience with weekly blogs on your website. Social media is another space where your audience can access your brand and you can reach out to them. There are more ways where you can advertise your business online. As digital marketing experts, we can make this happen for you and drive ROI.

Larger enterprises can opt for the above and also generate ROI faster through Google ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

What are the best places to advertise your business online?

When you have an expert online advertising team by your side, you can expect an efficiently target ad to capture the right audience. Understanding the essential online platforms to advertise your business is crucial for its growth. Let’s look at what these online platforms can give you and why you should choose them.

  • Google for advertising business online

Create a Google Business Profile (GBP) profile, it’s free. This tool will help your business show up on Google Maps, attracting a local demographic closer to your base.

At the same time, Google Ads is the best online place for advertising business online. It operates the search network and the display network. Google ads are used by 80% of global businesses while Google’s ads reach more than 90% of internet users worldwide.

Google’s Search Network serves up ads that you see above or below your organic search results. This happens when you enter a query into the Google search bar. These ads pop up with the word ‘Ad’. In this search ad, Google will assign a value that will change based on the trending keyword and its competition. You may participate in the keyword auction with a low, medium, or high budget where top bidders are likely to get their ads shown more often.

On the other hand, Google’s Display Network entails a similar auction but does not compete for ad placements. Rather, it competes for written or video ad spaces on websites owned by Google or on third-party websites partnered with Google.

Google’s Display Network is more effective than Google’s Search Network as it is more targeted and appeals to the audience.

Advertising with Google also entails the type of keyword bidding, including Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM). CPC refers to paying for your ad when a user clicks it. This form of ad helps to increase visitor footfall on your website. Whereas CPM has the word ‘Mille’ in it which means one thousand. It measures the cost per one thousand impressions. Impressions include the users who have viewed your designated page.

  • Bing for advertising business online

Microsoft Bing is another search engine that uses a model almost the same as Google. The platform is home to more than 1 billion unique visitors and mostly has users who access Bing through their Personal Computers. Compared to Google, Bing has a smaller reach but its prices correspond to certain factors. For instance, popular keywords with less competition can offer lower costs.

Bing also offers a free listing service called ‘Bing Places’ for local businesses. Try advertising your business on this platform to see how it works for your business.

  • LinkedIn for advertising business online

The audience targeted on LinkedIn for advertising business online lies within the age group of 25 to 34 years. You will find people older than 55 years in a small percentage, that is, 2.9% of LinkedIn’s advertising audience.

LinkedIn offers advertising business online through sponsored posts or videos. These sponsored posts are shown alongside user-generated posts with text ads, user feeds, and sponsored in-mails.

You can leverage LinkedIn ads by targeting the title of the individual, the size of the company, the industry, and their location. These ads run on a daily limit of a maximum budget amount on CPM, CPC, and CPV (Cost Per View).

  • Facebook for advertising business online

The ad revenue for Facebook is expected to grow to $75.11 billion in 2024. Facebook is one of the more preferred platforms for advertising business online through social media. It offers various locations to put up your ad, on the homepage, the newsfeed, short videos, live sessions, watch programs, Facebook stories, and the Facebook Marketplace.

Your bids are based on the budget you provide while running your ad on Facebook. You can operate on a manual or automatic bidding process. Manual bidding will give you control over managing the price per ad for individual bids. The automatic bidding process entails optimizing your campaign for goals, including impressions, and conversions, to name a few.

  • Instagram for advertising business online

61% of Instagram’s advertising audience lies within the age group of 18 to 34. This makes the platform a great place for advertisers targeting the Gen Z or Millennial audience. 

Sponsored content on Instagram gains far more popularity compared to other online platforms. Instagram ads can show up within stories or the user’s feed. On Instagram, you pay an Instagram Influencer to post content to promote your brand. This process is called sponsoring a post on Instagram for your business. Instagram has created a Branded Content Tool for such ads that mention below the username a line that reads, “Paid partnership with (brand name)”.

You can find numerous micro-influencers in your industry. They will have targeted followers interested in what your business offers.

So, no matter the size of your business, advertising for business online is achievable. We’re here to help you out choose the best online advertising strategy for your business.

  • Are Google ads good for advertising business online or on social media?

Either platform would be good based on how you target your audience. Also, this depends on your digital marketing strategy.

  • Will digital advertising benefit brand growth?

Yes, advertising your business online for brand growth will give you much-needed brand awareness, consideration, and lead conversions. Digital advertising when done properly will provide you the ROI you require to grow your business.

  • How are Google Ads and PPC better than traditional advertising?

Google Ads and PPC offer a strategic approach where you can also measure your ad’s performance through various KPIs. This form of paid advertising will give you better insights into consumer behavior and what drives their interests, which is something print or traditional advertising does not provide.

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