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How to Convert Social Media Engagement into a Sale


Answer us this:

  • Are your social media followers your target audience? 
  • Are they engaging with your social media posts? 
  • Are your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels’ posts creating a curiosity in your users? 
  • Are they considering your brand and getting converted to leads, and eventually turning into customers?

If your answer to these questions is a resounding NO, your social media pages need professional help. We’re here to provide six ways to convert your social media engagement into a sale.

How to convert leads through social media

Here are six tips to help you land a sale on social media. Our expert social media team will make sure you increase your sales through social media. Let’s start exploring:

  • Build a social media strategy

Your first job is to create a social media strategy. You can do this by creating a social media marketing funnel to gain a strategic advantage in the market. In doing this, you can make sure that your posts, be it Facebook or Twitter, will create opportunities for lead nurturing.

You can do this by determining the goals of your social media presence, from attracting new customers to enhancing brand presence. Identify your target audience and then build a content strategy to fulfill their needs.

It’s important to identify the right social media marketing agency that can build a strategy suitable to your business goals.

  • Optimize your brand’s content on your website

Your website has to have meaningful communication and directly tell your audience what you do. It should have sufficient information the moment users land on your website.

So, make your website clean and attractive with a decent quality of compelling visuals. Make sure users don’t have to click on too many CTAs or spend time scrolling through web pages. Your web pages should prominently feature your business contact information and clear call-to-action. You can use an image or a box with a request to your customers to take action like buying a product, seeking a demo, signing up for a newsletter, contacting a sales representative, or joining your community. Make sure to avoid these nine web mistakes while optimizing your website.

  • Create and design a landing page for your social media channels

You must create a landing page for each of your social media pages. Sounds like a lot to do, but it’s effective as these landing pages are designed for visitors specifically coming from social media pages. This landing page will have content specifically written to communicate a consistent message with a clear call to action. 

  • Adopt the habit of social selling

What is social selling? It’s a long-term strategy to connect and network with companies you can do business with together. Research these companies and then connect with the relevant ones by building a relationship with them. Invite them for events, introduce them to potential customers, and simply keep in touch. We’re not saying you can expect a quick ROI but fostering long-term relationships can improve the credibility of your brand.

  • Use the conversion features

Social media platforms have come a long way for brands. They’ve added features that can allow you to directly promote your products and services through paid advertising. You can create special deals on Facebook so visitors can redeem them on your in-store or your website. You can also promote store visits through your posts. Similarly, Pinterest uses five rich pins to display additional information about your posts. These pins allow you to show the price of the product displayed and where the user can buy them.

For that matter, there are various ways to create Instagram stories to sell your products or services and boost your business.

  • Listen, interact, convert

If you’ve heard of social listening then you know how useful it can be for your brand. Monitor what your followers are talking about, their pain points, and what they’re doing. Then plan the kinds of content that can bring about their reaction, and nurture them as leads until you can convert them.

These are the six best ways to convert your social media followers into customers. Need help doing this? Connect with us to help grow your social media pages, followers, and business.

  • Is it possible to convert my social media followers into customers?

Yes, if you plan and strategize well, you can easily convert your social media followers into customers.

  • Should I run social media ads to get more customers?

Indeed, if you are on social media then chances are your competitors are also present. These are platforms where competing brands will fight for the position you’ve achieved on social media. Therefore, running ads based on a strategic plan and your budget may be a wise marketing move.

  • How do I make my brand viral on social media?

You can look at the various trends or what’s going on in the world of social media. What is your audience doing? Once you can answer this question, you will be able to create posts that are more likely to become viral. 

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