5 Key Things Every Entrepreneur and CEO Needs to Know About SEO

5 key things every entrepreneur and CEO needs to know about SEO

Search engine optimization, if delved into too deeply, could overwhelm even the technical geniuses; while if oversimplified, could lead to unreasonable and therefore unmet expectations. Such is the nature of SEO, that many a CEO have found themselves often misunderstanding how this optimization process works.

Even the efforts of the best SEO company in India could lead the entrepreneurs and CEOs of their client businesses to scratch their heads in frustration over the mysterious nature of SEO.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of;

5 key things every entrepreneur and CEO needs to know about SEO (search engine optimization)…

Thinking SEO is all About Meta Tags

Far too many people believe that meta tags have a way of somehow magically influencing the search query rankings. An SEO expert agency will always tell you that there is no one area of SEO that does all the work; it’s collective addressing of a wide array of factors, that in the end have the final impact. While meta tags have a significant role to play, there’s still no reason to mention or ask about it as the very first thing, or worse, the only thing, when the question of SEO results arises.

Yes, optimizing the meta title and description are necessary, but it should be remembered that those things alone do not make the whole of SEO.

SEO Organic Results: Brand vs. Generic

Having high rankings on the terms of brand, which would include all miss spelt brand names, is significant. And most of the times, when the brand name is quite unique, it’s search engine ranking (all the queries containing that name) naturally turns out to be well. But, when you are looking at organic rankings, it is important that one differentiates between brand as well as generic performance.

An SEO company in India, that has been investing a good deal of money providing its services, while getting results only from the brand perspective, even after a considerable amount of time, might need to take another good look at their overall SEO strategy. Instead of putting the brand and generic into one bucket, and getting an aggregate and a rather diluted result, it’s a good idea to set up separate reporting formats for both. This will allow you to get yourself a better and a clearer picture of your SEO efforts.

The Importance of Indexing

To not take indexing seriously, could really and easily hurt the efforts of any decent SEO services company in India. If your webpage isn’t indexed, it has quite a good reason to not rank.

One of the reasons why you might be having indexing problems is that the search engine cannot crawl it. The discovering of content through this automated process is what leads to the indexing of the content. Making sure that the search engines are able to access all of your content while knowing its priority as well as hierarchy in addition to understanding how all sections and pages relate to each other, holds a lot of importance in terms of SEO.

SEO Categorization

Another important thing to know is that there are three categories of SEO services in India. There’s technical SEO, which includes website optimizations. They might not have a direct impact on the search engine rankings, but they are essential to have content indexed, and therefore found, to not hold back your website in any way. 301 redirects, XML sitemaps, canonical tags, robots.txt, site speed, DNS settings, mobile friendliness, and schema markup, are good examples.

Then come on-page and off-page SEO. The former refers to optimizing elements which are found on a webpage, as well as throughout the website, such as meta title and description tags, headings tag, URL, image alt attributes, and so on. The latter one is all about optimizing the external elements pertaining to quality, that include unlinked brand mentions, local citations, high-quality backlinks pointing to the site, and social media engagement.

Unyielding Expectations in terms of Time-bound Results

Expecting SEO to give results and the instant gratification like paid search gives, would be asking too much. One cannot ignore some easy wins that one encounters, but SEO, in general, is definitely a long-term play. There has to be an investment of time, as well as hard work to make any competitive query rank high on the search results page. With the search engine algorithm undergoing regular updations, and competing businesses making their own set of moves, it is really a moving target which is bound to take months of discipline and patience.
It needs to be taken into consideration, that an SEO expert in India, while works on carefully set parameters of performance, can’t be expected to make any cent per cent guarantees. That is yet another reason, why achieving top rankings for competitive queries takes quite a bit of time.

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