6 Reasons Why a Career in Digital Marketing Is Bright

6 reasons why a career in digital marketing is bright

Digital Marketing is a broad umbrella which includes online marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and so on. With several years of experience in marketing, we knew that digital industry would dominate the world in the future.

Earlier TV, pamphlets, radio, newspapers, etc. which are compositely also known as outbound marketing, were the favorite channels for promoting and marketing a business. Though some mediums are just as active now, social media has emerged as the potential channel for commercialization. Big brands have started investing their assets in social media and other digital channels.

Few social media campaigns have proved the influential power of the digital world.

In a rare occurrence, during the US elections 2016, contenders were hitting first pages of the newspaper through their hashtags and live sessions on social media and online campaigns.

Emirates ran an online campaign. The Middle East airlines perfectly used video marketing on social media and youtube. They pitched their executive class air travel to people using a walk-through video of the whole Emirates’ experience.

With more than 6 million youtube subscribers & a cumulative total of over a billion views for their videos, Emirates took over the web this year by a video uploaded by Neistat, who’s famous American Youtube Personality.

Hence, it clearly showed how you can reach to more people with the smart use of social channels and digital marketing.

6 Reasons Why a Career in Digital Marketing Is Bright

Digital is the future

Thanks to the Digital India initiative by Narendra Modi, India has become the second largest Internet user base in the world with 353 million internet users. Out of these, 69% of users access the internet regularly. People have started relying more on Google and smartphones for getting any information or help.

As far as mainstream marketing channels are concerned, fewer people listen to the radio to kill time these days but they usually check their Instagram and Twitter feed during their breakfast. Social media has now become the primary source of news updates.

You are hired!

According to Mediapost, companies will start hiring more digital marketers in the future. Also, people with the right skills can get an excellent job. In India, digital marketing is flourishing and the employers have started considering digital marketing and social media for targeting customers. Hence, there are more employment opportunities for the youth.

According to SocialPrachar, 70,000+ jobs for digital marketers are available in different job portals which means that the market has and will have a huge requirement of digital marketers in the future.

Working exposure to big brands

Since more and more companies are doing digital marketing, you get the opportunity to work with reputed enterprises and organizations from many different industries.

You may even get a chance to work with people from different job profiles. You might get to work with a photographer, designer, web developer, sales executive, senior management people all in a day’s work.

Work from anywhere and anytime

One of the best advantages of being a digital marketer is you can work from anywhere and anytime. You can work from home, office, during travel, almost from anywhere. This gives the new generation the flexibility of convenience in choosing working hours. The bright side is that they have the power to choose when they want to make money.

It is the most flexible job because all you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop/desktop. These digital tools are necessary to work as a digital marketer.

The millennial is growing

Digital marketing is almost two decades old and it would prosper if we believe in the current trend and the situation of the industry.

Since more and more companies are shifting to inbound and digital marketing, bigger opportunities are coming in the field of digital marketing People are now understanding the power and importance of internet, social media in their business.

The fundamentals and technologies in digital marketing keep changing over the period. Hence, it is a never-ending evolution that makes the field unique.

Also, you have to keep learning to survive in this business.

You can be the internet and technology whizz

Working as a digital marketer, you get to know much fresh and interesting stuff that is happening over the world. You can know different trending and valuable things around the world.

Having said that, you have to keep on your toes because you never know when can be the next big opportunity, or a client or a project comes in. You get the chance to have a hands-on experience with the new technology, gadgets, etc.

So in a way, the life of the digital marketer cannot be boring or drowsy, period!


To sum up, in this era of internet, digital marketing is the unpredicted evolutionary industry that gives you complete flexibility in your working schedule. You can have brilliant job opportunities as the market will always be trending. Working in the best digital marketing company can improve your being not only professionally but personally.

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