Is Brand Kohli the New Brand Tendulkar? [Infographics]

is brand kohli the new brand tendulkar

Disclaimer: All thoughts in this infographic are a figment of the author’s observation/imagination & in no way a commentary on the cricket skills of either of the players.
Special disclaimer for all 90’s kids: We know that there is only 1 god & he wore jersey number 10.

It’s clear that Kohli’s game is sky-rocketing on the field and it’s there for everyone to see. However, there’s something about him that has gotten even digital marketing evangelists salivating.

He’s already been compared with Tendulkar when it comes to his game, because of how he carries the hopes of a billion fans just like Sachin. But when it comes to the brand sphere, understanding why brand Kohli might be an even bigger force to reckon with has a lot to do with not how similar he is to Sachin, but how different.

Below, we list out some key differences between the two & hypothesize the factors behind this shift in the definition of ‘cool’.

is brand kohli the new brand tendulkar


While it remains to be seen if Brand Kohli will have the same longevity as Brand Tendulkar, they are not actually competing amongst themselves at the moment. Brand Ranveer/Varun/Arjun are Virat’s true competition right now while Sachin has moved to the legacy league with the likes of Big B & Shahrukh Khan.

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