Ten Significant SEO Trends in 2021


“Good SEO work gets better over time because you did everything else right”


 Effective practices for SEO marketing continue to evolve year after year. As the best SEO agency, we know how important it is to stay on the good side of a new algorithm. Any significant search engine change can impact the way a website ranks.

Our SEO team is the quietest of all. Don’t mistake them for the silent members of Bonoboz. They’re just busy monitoring algorithms that can take a novice by surprise. However, our group of expert SEO professionals have encountered several algorithmic changes over the years. It’s now second nature to them as they navigate every client’s website ranking through the rough storms of organic marketing.

As SEO service pros, we know the massive impact a business can face when rankings drop. It all depends on the best SEO marketing practices. Then there’s, of course, the nightmarishly dreaded algorithmic turn of events. 

However, we’ve got you covered on the professional front, and we’re a step ahead when it comes to the best organic marketing trends. In this blog post, we’re set to explore the practices of 2021 that you can follow as an expert for a search engine optimisation service.

Ten Significant SEO Trends in 2021

SEO activities are influenced by the changes search engines make, and that’s how the trends roll. This year, look out for the following practices that you need to adopt as organic SEO service experts.

1. Intent-based content loved by users

Having the best content curated with the user in mind is crucial to rank well. Websites may continue to lose traffic and rankings should they decide to use black hat SEO techniques. 

We advise you to perform innovative keyword research to create content searched by users. Study the competitors’ style of creating content, then go ahead and add far more valuable information for the user.

2. Content is written FOR THE BUYER and not the brand

It’s okay to talk about the client’s brand, but that’s not what it’s all about! Make sure that your sales copy is not sales-oriented. Address the client’s needs first, which means be more client-centric rather than focusing on the brand’s features. The content created has to show the client that their needs come first. That’s how it’s supposed to be with any marketing offer.

For instance, a CCTV brand may say that they have the best products. They stand a better chance at a sale, however, by talking about the different ways surveillance cameras can prevent suspicious activities. 

3. Mobile SEO is where the ranking line begins

More and more people are searching for goods and services via their mobile phones. It’s only a matter of time before mobile devices will be considered above desktops and other devices. Let’s face it, the only time we use our laptops is when we’re working. Therefore, focus on mobile online searches while ranking websites.

4. Zero-Click Search is local

Zero-click searches are local searches, so it is an essential part of a client’s business. Hence, set up a Google My Business account for the client. This account helps to gain maximum results from zero-click searches and builds a solid backlink profile.

5. Voice Search – it’s convenient

Search Engine techies realised that people don’t want to type anymore. The more hands-free they are, the more convenient for them. So, voice search is a way of communicating directly with search engines without having to type a question. Direct your SEO marketing efforts accordingly.

6. Video Content is preferred because users love videos

Videos have a more substantial impact on users. It’s only natural that videos will soon integrate SEO practices. You’ll want to be part of the best SEO Company that makes videos a part of their organic marketing tactics.

Users respond better to videos as platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and other visual-aided channels run the show.

7. Core Web Vitals ‘FOR’ the user’s experience

Core Web Vitals uses parameters that emphasise good user experience, including quick loading and response times and mobile navigation. If your search engine optimisation service focuses on the user’s needs from the website, results are faster achieved.

8. Google’s SMITH Algorithm & Cumulative Layout Shift

Two things SEO marketers should cover this year:

  1. The new algorithm on Google called SMITH (Siamese Multi-depth Transformer-based Hierarchical) allows Google to gain more clarity on the content of in-depth pages. The working of this algorithm encourages the potential to cover numerous topics on one page. It is a better alternative to using different landing pages for various subjects.
  2. Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS) also steer rankings in wayward directions. As organic SEO services are navigated towards effective on-page activities, search results will experience an impact based on the CLS metric.

9. Different types of content and not just text

SEO writing has crossed the borders of visuals like videos, images, audio content, infographics, etc. This means that it’s not just the content writer, but the graphic designer, video and audio editor who should be part of the SEO team.

10. High-Quality Backlinks – notice the word ‘Quality’

One high-quality backlink from a renowned news site gets you better and faster results than countless low-quality links. The best SEO Company is the one that follows this newfound rule based on quality rather than quantity. 

There is no significant loophole or instant formula to win a search engine’s heart. However, if you write for the user and search engines, you gather better results than expected. Remember, it’s all about the buyer and not the brand.

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