Be ready for the change with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

These Five features of Google Analytics 4 will take your Business to a new level


A key to achieving business growth and success in the midst of tight competition in the industry is a good credible and reliable platform to use when analyzing the performance of a business. 

In response to the changing trends and preferences in the market today, the new features of Google Analytics 4 brings out a platform that is flexible, highly accessible, and is capable of providing a wide scope of information readily organized to facilitate a comprehensive business and customer data analysis which is highly beneficial to them.

So, what are these new features and how can brands benefit from them? Let us take you through this blog and answer these questions.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and its new features in the digital town

Since GA4 has been launched, Google Analytics has introduced promising changes in data management where business owners can independently monitor their performance primarily with regard to their customer engagement. 

A few of these features are as follows.

1. Accessibility on multiple platforms without cookies

Google Analytics 4 is now accessible on multiple platforms without dependence on cookies. Users can be assured of great services while not compromising their privacy as Google Analytics 4 relies only on first-party cookies hence user information is not shared to third parties to be used for marketing campaigns. It is designed as privacy-centric, business owners are promised of generating marketing results and other quality services while being cookie-less.   

2. Uses event-based data model

Contrary to the session-based model on Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 uses an event-based data model. In this model, every user interaction on the website will be recorded as a categorized to Automated event, Enhanced Measurement event, Custom event, and Recommended event allowing business owners to acquire a specific report on the data. 

3. Powered by AI and machine learning

With machine learning, business owners are given predictions or assumptions on the user’s behavior. This is specifically beneficial when users reject the use of cookies when visiting a site. In Google Analytics 4, as it is built with machine learning, any information collected will be analyzed to give assumptions on the site traffic which can be seen on the “insights” section of the Analytics.

4. Personalize User Interface

Upon opening the Google Analytics 4, users are welcomed with an improved and easy to navigate user interface. Dashboard is highly customizable and can be personalized in respect to the needs and preference of the user. On the homepage you can see the “recently viewed” and “because you viewed frequently” features allowing the user easy access to their past and frequent activities. The “insights” section on the dashboard, on the other hand, shows analysis based on your activities on the platform.  

5. Provided New Integrations

Another top-notch innovation on Google Analytics 4 is its added integrations such as Display and Video 360. It allows users to export their audience data in Display and Video 360 where they can manage, measure and optimize their campaigns for better campaign management. With this platform, Google states that users can collaborate with others, obtain transparent information, and gain up-to-date insights valuable in making decisions.  

Universal Analytics will stop its processing on July 1, 2023. Take the time and get familiarized with Google Analytics 4s platform so you don’t miss out on exciting and profit-making services it can offer for better management of your business.

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