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Facebook or Instagram? What is Best for Your Business?

Abhik Basu

Most social media agencies will suggest a few platforms suitable for your business. However, in this blog, we’re here to explore the differences between two major platforms – Facebook and Instagram. What makes one platform better than the other for your business? Which one is better for you, and why should you choose either of them?

How to identify if Facebook is good for your Business?

Facebook has attracted all age groups of active internet users. Among them, the top users include people from the age group of 18 to 29. 82% of these users engage with brand or personal posts on the platform. Facebook is a widely accepted platform which makes it exceptionally useful for businesses with the goal to increase ad visibility.

Therefore, if you are planning to run ads on your blog posts, landing pages, or other relevant brand products, Facebook is a platform for you. It offers an ad-friendly space for your business where you can also place direct links within your posts. On the other hand, Instagram gives users only one link in the bio. You can hire the professional services of a Facebook Marketing Agency to run strategic ads for your business. 

In Facebook, 85% of ad revenue is generated through mobile ads, while 98.3% of users use their mobiles to access Facebook. While there are countless static posts on Facebook, video posts get a significantly higher number of clicks. This makes Facebook a suitable option for most businesses with a specific goal.

Not much need for a landing page

Facebook does immensely well when it comes to targeted reach and retargeting posts used for generating leads by 88% of B2B SMB marketers. Furthermore, Facebook lead ads do not involve the need for a landing page. This means that the user simply had to fill in their information and transact directly rather than giving them the chance to bounce off while reaching the landing page. A study by WordStream proved that brands that used Facebook Leads Ads enjoyed a conversion rate of 12.54% compared to the 10.47% conversion rate achieved on landing pages.

Special examples for Facebook Lead Ads

For instance, a Facebook lead ad of the brand ‘Gym and Fitness’ showcased a freeform ski trainer product. The lead ad communicates to its audience that the product is in stock and is available for purchase. The ad proved effective as it communicated the right message and kept it to the point with no lengthy copies. The static image on the ad also showed the product with a link provided to help the user access the page for purchasing.

Alternatively, another fitness brand called BodyBoss Portable Gym 2.0 showcased a Facebook Lead Video Ad. The video shows its viewers how to correctly use a particular gym equipment, targeting the right muscles, and that the equipment is available at a 30% discount.

If your goal is to nurture leads then it would be wise to use a mid-path customer funnel approach. The mid-path of the customer funnel is where your customers can access your brand via retargeting ads. This technique is especially impactful when your ad targets customers through existing customer testimonials. For instance, an interactive carousel ad integrated with testimonials will benefit a B2B audience. 

How to identify if Instagram is good for your Business?

More than one-third of Instagram users use their mobile phones to make online purchases on Instagram. Their average spend has proved to be 15.4% greater than what users have spent on Facebook.

Instagram is a great platform for brands that have millennials as their target audience. It is a highly visual platform compared to Facebook. Many users commit their time spent on brand pages and product research.

Instagram’s versatile ad formats

Instagram has viral-driven features with the use of reels, product tags, shoppable feeds, guides, and badges among other features. Several SMBs and elite brands use this platform extensively to target their audience.

Instagram ads include:

  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • Image ads
  • Reels ads
  • Story ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads

These different formats of Instagram ads can help you decide the best ones to use for your brand. For instance, image ads can be used to feature products and services and video ads upgrade the benefit by showing the ad in a more engaging way. Carousel ads can showcase a collection of the brand’s products, while Explore ads can appear in the Explore tab. It allows businesses to be shown in image or video format. Brands can appear alongside culturally relevant and popularly trending content.

Running ads on Instagram requires a certain long term plan to make sure that you get the right audience with adequate following and engagement. Creating a following for your brand by users who would look forward to your posts require a certain set and level of experienced professionals. Reaching out to an Instagram Marketing Agency would be a wise decision rather than making these attempts without any plan in mind. You can build revenue through social media marketing experts with the experience to grow an Instagram following and maintain a massive brand image. 

Can brands use both Facebook and Instagram ads to drive business?

Brands can use both platforms to their benefit when they are fully aware of what each platform brings to the forefront.

A brand can first advertise on Facebook and then on Instagram, or vice versa. Leads that don’t convert on Instagram may be targeted on Facebook, while unconverted leads on Facebook can be targeted through an Instagram ad.

Still wondering which platform is good for your brand? Our Social Media Marketing Agency can provide you with the necessary insights and direction to make this decision.

At Bonoboz, we have a specialized team that can back you up with the best Facebook and Instagram marketing ads for your brand. We can also advise you on the best and most strategic approach for your brand’s growth through either social media platform.

  • How do I make my Facebook or Instagram ad compelling?

You can use your team’s copywriting skills to develop the necessary engagement your audience deserves. A creative copy can always attract enough attention to pull your audience in the right direction. More importantly, you must add value to your communication and it should feature solving a user’s problem.

  • When should I use Instagram ads for my brand?

For conversions, Instagram is the platform you want to use for a younger audience. You can publish a high-quality photo to attract more customers.

  • When should I use Facebook ads for my brand?

If you want to implement full-funnel marketing then Facebook is the best platform for your brand. Also, Facebook is a great place to target an older audience that possesses a higher purchasing decision-making power.

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