How can LinkedIn Ads help with your business growth

How can LinkedIn Ads help with your business growth?


LinkedIn has evolved from a mere resume displaying and job-hunting application to a place where businesses reach their target businesses effectively. LinkedIn for business is therefore not optional but an essential requirement for almost every business to cope with the thriving competition. 

LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms to host all business heads, senior executives, and company managers. It acts as an excellent medium for networking too.

Data analysis shows that LinkedIn has more than 500 million users, and more than half of the registered users log in monthly. Additionally, compared to other social media platforms, most B2B leads are obtained through LinkedIn. So, missing out on a LinkedIn presence would be denying a plethora of business opportunities. 

Grow your business through LinkedIn ads

Here are a few basics LinkedIn strategies that you can start working on for your business:

  • Create a Company page on LinkedIn

A good profile with the company logo, services, and about section details can be the basic introduction. While filling out the details in the about section and the services, make sure it is correct and resonates with what the company is actually about. Accuracy is essential as this is what the potential client looks into first before connecting or communicating further. Any inadequate or misleading information can be considered unprofessional. 

  • Know your goal

Creating a profile and marketing would be like throwing arrows in the air. For results to be apparent, the tasks need to be executed strategically. A well-defined strategy with definitive plans stepwise is required to be successful. To plan a great strategy, you must have a goal or a set of goals to achieve. The goals include increasing traffic, product promotion, brand awareness, etc. Chart out these goals into a listicle.

  • Increase your company page’s reach

Once the company profile is set up, the next step is to increase the reach. This can be done by optimising the profile with relevant keywords. Keywords relevant to your work niche make your profile visible to the respective searches. This is called page optimization for increasing reach.

  • Share content

Content marketing is inevitable in any social media marketing, and LinkedIn works quite synonymously. Sharing content that is relevant to your niche will act as a great outbound marketing tool. The content shared should be valuable to the target audience to serve the purpose of marketing. 

Also, LinkedIn being a professional space, the audience finds the content more relevant. So, content like how-to listicles, blogs, tips and tricks, and motivational or inspiring stories performs well on this platform. This content can be created in an interesting format using tools like Canva, Piktochart, etc. 

  • Keep networking

Content marketing can help with your network growth. You can supplement it with other aids like inviting your customers by adding the link to your LinkedIn for business along with other social media links in your marketing, asking your satisfied customers to provide testimonials, restating valuable content, etc. Also, a social media agency can help you with relevant LinkedIn ads to boost your engagement as you network.

  • Experiment with your posts and interactions

To find the perfect or most reachable content, you need to experiment with no hesitation. Experiment with the posting time, the content pattern, delivery style and many more to find what your target audience reciprocates the best. Experimenting furthermore breaks down the monotony and keeps the audience interested.

  • Analyse the outcomes

Analysing is one of the most important parts of marketing strategies. It helps you find out which experiment worked out the best and which one underperformed. This will give you an insight into which content to focus on and which ones to avoid.

LinkedIn provides analytics, divided primarily into three different sections: visitor analytics, update analytics and follower analytics. Visitor analytics offers details of the page’s visitors, like their job profile, location, etc. It also distinguishes mobile and desktop users to give you the ratio. Update analytics provides data on user interactions in the form of likes, comments, etc. It also provides comparative analytics of organic and sponsored content outcomes. Follower analytics provides data about your followers. 

  • LinkedIn groups are a great feature; utilise it

LinkedIn groups help you connect and interact with the right audience. Be an active member of the group and promote your product. 

  • Get LinkedIn InMail and increase response probabilities

This paid LinkedIn feature is worth every penny spent. This tool lets you InMail to any LinkedIn user, increasing your reach. Statistical data shows that messages conveyed through InMail had better chances of receiving responses. 

  • Explore LinkedIn Ads and its retargeting feature 

LinkedIn Ads is a great marketing feature for businesses involving B2B sales or are in the education business. LinkedIn Ads directly target decision-makers with a more considerable buying power and are more effective. 

The platform provides two methods by which you can roll out the ads, namely self-service and managed campaigns. Self-service campaigns involve self-budget setting, writing and campaigning. Whereas managed campaigns are done in collaboration with the LinkedIn team, where they tune the copy according to the audience, and this feature also helps you reach premium clients.

LinkedIn Ads can be in the form of texts, sponsored emails, sponsored content and display Ads. Display Ads are comparatively expensive, while text Ads are an excellent choice for beginners. 

Earlier, this platform lagged in the Ads section but now is at par with other social media platforms with its retargeting feature. The matched audience tool of LinkedIn helps target the audience who have previously visited your websites, increasing conversion rates. 

LinkedIn has proven to be a great B2B Marketing Platform with increased results. With the strategies mentioned earlier, you can utilise LinkedIn to its optimum for your business development. Bonoboz can help you with your business’s LinkedIn marketing needs. 

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