5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency Instead of Having an In-House SEO Team

5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency Instead of Havin an In-House SEO Team

When you are looking to scale up your digital presence, it can be tempting to set up an in-house SEO team. After all, an in-house SEO team will solely work on your website and it is always at hand for discussing strategies and performance.

However, unless you are a large corporate with deep pockets, it is wiser to hire an expert SEO agency rather than trying to set up your own team. Here’s why:

Why Hiring an SEO Agency is a Better Idea

When you are running an organization and are a part of an industry, your perspective can be limited by your experience and how the industry functions.

When you hire an SEO firm for your search marketing efforts, you also get an outsider’s perspective into what can work to ramp up your digital presence.

A lot of times, the ‘outsider’s perspective’ can give you brilliant strategies to stand out from your competition. But there’s more to it.

A Trained Team at Your Disposal

When you assemble an in-house team, you also need to spend time training your staff in terms of responsibilities, work culture, escalation protocol etc. Hiring an SEO company gives you immediate access to well-trained staff.

There is already an established escalation protocol in place to address issues. And a good SEO company will have experience working with different types of clients from different industries.

You will not need to specifically train them for your organization, other than giving them a brief overview of your products and services.

No Attrition Rate to Worry About

Recent data on employee turnover rate suggests that attrition rate, globally, is about 10%. However, it is higher in the tech space due to a wider number of opportunities.

Attrition rate for small and medium businesses could be even higher, since they have a harder time retaining top talent. A high attrition rate can be very expensive for an organization, since you need to spend time and money training new hires.

There is also opportunity cost involved in high churn rates. Outsourcing your SEO requirements lessens the burden of having to attract and retain top talent.

Lower Costs

Outsourcing is always cheaper than hiring an in-house team. There are no employee benefits you need to pay, including medical insurance and travel expenses. You also save on office equipment and electricity.

When combined, you can realise considerable savings, which directly boost your bottom line. In fact, when you hire a good SEO company in India, you get high-quality SEO services at a lower cost compared to developed economies. The benefit of cheaper labor is directly transferred to you.

Access to an Expert team

An SEO agency will, typically, have dedicated people for each function of search marketing. This includes link building, content creation, distribution of content etc.

Moreover, a dedicated SEO agency will always keep track of algorithmic changes that affect rankings. Google and other search engines keep making small tweaks to their search algorithms in order to improve user experience.

Even when you hire a really experienced SEO expert in-house, they won’t be able to match the potential of a dedicated team that handles SEO projects everyday.

Easier to Manage

Entire books have been written about how to keep your employees motivated, and how to increase their productivity. An outsourcing partner is easier to manage, any given day.

You agree on certain deliverables and it is the SEO agency’s job to match those deliverables. You do not to stress about targets and how to achieve them, at least when it comes to your search marketing efforts.

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