7 Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan for your Brand

Abhik Basu
the perfect social media marketing plan

Social Media is the best platform today to establish and continuously evolve your brand story. The biggest boon of social media is the fact that it’s no longer a one-way communication. The audience will participate in the story, provided that it’s captivating. It is a medium which you should be using to tell the progression of your brand story.

Social media marketing, if done properly will not only get you consumers; but will also get you brand prosumers. (Someone who uses the brand & actively advocates it to others as well)

7 Tips to Help You Make the Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan for your Brand

Have a complete plan in place before execution

The mistake that a lot of marketers make is not having a proper plan in place before execution. There needs to be a well-thought schedule where you have written everything with a timeline. Keep in mind the special days and the festivals. Social media trends keep on changing at a fast pace, so you need to make sure that your plan is well-coordinated with the latest trends. Execute your plan only once you have everything in place. Otherwise, it may cause chaos which may mess up your whole plan.

Take Insight from Insights

Never make the mistake of ignoring insights. These are backed by data and hence they are always almost accurate. Insights will tell you about the target person’s online behavior so that it helps in creating & deploying a streamlined brand story.

Reach out to your new followers

There might be posts that you posted a few months ago which are still relevant. Your followers will grow over time and when you report that content, your new followers will be seeing it for the first time. If it worked well when you posted it for the first time, chances are that your new followers will also find value in it when you repost. So, go through Google Analytics and pick the posts that have worked well in the past and are still relevant and repost them.

Send the right message through the most suitable medium

the perfect social media marketing plan

There are a lot of digital platforms and it is very important to keep in mind the type of content that you are sharing on each platform. Each platform has a different tone of communication and a different type of audience. Few posts may be suitable for all channels, and few may go only on a few channels. E.g. On LinkedIn, the posts are more technical, as opposed to Facebook, where you can post all kinds of things.

Don’t make it all about Yourself

Let people know when you reach a milestone or are celebrating something or you do something awesome. But, do not spam your audience with what you’re doing all the time. Nobody likes to carry a conversation with someone who is self-centered. Your content should be a mix of tips, entertainment, inside-news, and opportunities to win goodies or social media credit. This will keep your followers interested and help you engage with them and build trust.

Create Shareable Content

People will share your content only if they find it relevant or it makes them look good on social media. If you create content that is shareable, you’ll gain lots of relevant traffic very easily. The best way to crack this is to find a brand truth & connect it with something your target audience is closely associated with.

Conduct A/B Tests

the perfect social media marketing plan

You should conduct A/B test to see what works for your audience and what doesn’t. This can be done by posting two similar ad copies with slight variations and posting them with a minimum time gap between the two. When you check analytics, you’ll know which copy worked better with your audience. An A/B test can tell you a lot about headlines, engagement level, relevance, color combinations, layouts etc.

Social Media Marketing may seem simple at a glance, but if not executed properly, then even the best campaigns may fail. Hence, it is always advisable to take the help of a professional/agency as they have the experience that you might not have.

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