Developing custom software for your company

Seven reasons why you should personalise your Business Software


Software applications are essential for any business to function smoothly in this fast-paced world. Whether it be work automation or organising and allocating resources, analysing software applications is required. The software solutions to your business needs can be addressed in two types- the off-shelf ready-to-use ones or custom-made software. The off-shelf ready-to-use applications come with a combination of pre-included features. This type is the best suited for new businesses at their initial stage to meet the budget demands. In comparison, custom-made software solutions are curated just to meet your brand’s needs.

Since custom-made software solutions are the most looked up for their performance, let’s understand the custom software.

Custom software development identifies your business goals and needs and creates an application that best fulfils them. These solutions can be used as a foundation technology solution or just to aid the existing ones and make them more effective cumulatively. Since the custom software can be moulded and directed as required, it is the best solution for new projects or executing unconventional ideas. This feature lets your business grow an edge over your competitors.

Following are the benefits of using custom software development for your business.  

A customised software solution initially falls under the comparatively expensive part of the scale. So it’s essential to understand if this is the best decision for your business. Here is a list of benefits customised software can provide. 

Personalised software 

This is the best feature of custom software applications. The application can be created exclusively to meet the needs of the company. The off-shelf application might have numerous features, but a tailored application will have all the features specific to your niche and ideologies. 

Innovation is the key to standing out amongst the competition, and no solution can meet an innovative demand as the customised ones. So if you wish to create a unique position for your brand in the niche, customised software can help you achieve it.

Cost-effective in the long run

The customised software is comparatively expensive when the initial investment is considered. But the best part about customised software is that you own it. Therefore there are hardly any other monetary investments required besides basic maintenance unless a major upgrade is required. On the contrary, off-the-shelf applications charge a certain sum annually through membership fees.

Another feature of the customised software development services is that they curate niche-specific unique features per your requirement. This will ultimately lead to your business growth. These features are embedded when the software is provided, unlike the ready-to-buy ones that charge additionally for the extra features. 

The customised software can also be developed based on your budget constraints by building a basic one initially and then upgrading to complex ones when established.


The business world is highly dynamic. To keep up with the competition, you must always be on your toes and have the best resources to aid. The good old Darwin’s rule of the ‘fittest will survive’ applies to the business too. To ensure adaptability, your software solutions should be compatible or malleable to changing environments. Customised software applications have the potential to be moulded according to changing requirements. And since the software is self-owned, it becomes easy to twerk sans the obligations and rules of the outsourced company.

Highly secure

The customised software solution is more reliable in terms of security. This is the chief reason why businesses trust customised software with their sensitive documents and information. Hospitals, banks, and technology companies are at higher risk when it comes to data security. Customised software can be built efficiently to meet individual security criteria and policies specifically. It can also be tested for its efficiency and modified in case of loopholes.

You can only rely so much on an outsourced company with your sensitive data.

It can be integrated with other tools seamlessly

Integration is a huge problem when it comes to introducing new software to existing technology. Tailor-made software blends easily and connects the dots in the existing technology. For efficient functioning, all the technologies in the company need to integrate. While customising the software, the existing technology can be considered and built to enhance the overall performance. 

Considering the curated software being built and the existing technology gaps will improve data accuracy. It will also aid in automating the workflow. 

Easy fixing of bugs

The software team of the company can easily maintain custom software. Since the software is built exclusively for the company, the software team will know its minute details. Therefore any glitch that occurs, which is quite common even in software owned by tech giants, can be easily fixed. The regular maintenance and up gradation of features can be done hassle-free with minimal expense in custom software solutions. 

The ready-to-use applications, owned by an external company, take a comparatively longer time to address the problem. Not to mention the additional maintenance cost and hardly any control over centralised product upgradation changes.

You become the sole owner 

The application made through custom software development is solely your ownership. You will be able to make as many amendments to it as required. 

Despite all its benefits, custom-made software is not ideal for all businesses. Certain drawbacks, like needing a good software expert to trust the company’s software, comparatively more initial development time, and the larger initial investment, can be a setback.

But if your business can overcome these few setbacks, tailor-made software is the best choice for your business in the long run. Bonoboz provides the best custom software development services to meet your business’s software needs.

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