5 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid to Not Let Your SEO Suffer


How much is web design- the aesthetic part of a web page, responsible for setting the SEO map of a company’s website?

This single question has made rounds, time and again, within the technical minds working at many web designing company, as well as on online platforms and forums, such as Quora and Reddit. The question, hence, needs to be answered once and for all – indulging in bad web design is a sureshot way to mar any SEO efforts you’d have made on a website. Period.

So, how does one make sure at an SEO company in India, that their design mistakes don’t cost them too much in terms of the SEO services they provide?

Here are a few of the most common design mistakes that one should, at all costs, try to avoid…

Observe caution with pop ups

Pop up is a concept that just about every SEO services company in India should be familiar with. These tools, though, can be a severe pain – more pain than gain, as they have a way of irritating a user to the point that they’d prefer to leave the page altogether.

To make a proper use of this tool, one should use them as sparingly as possible, and surely not when a user has just arrived at your site.

First off, you need to build trust with your users, and then think about asking for their contact information, or to sign up or subscribe at your site through a pop-up.

Be sure the text is readable

An SEO expert agency would always have this somewhere in top of their recommendation list – do not choose a font too small for your website. If the words are too hard to read, the users are bound to feel frustrated.

Also, if you present your site text as part of a color scheme that again makes it illegible, your audience might just decide it a waste of time to stick around on your site.

Make use of a readability tool, in order to ensure that your text, if not a delight to read, is at least easily readable for the visitors.

No loud sounds, please!

Many forget about this, but what makes one- the best SEO company in India is, knowing how this simple yet significant detail can have a great impact on a website.

Videos or audio tracks that start playing automatically and loudly, once a user lands on the site, is truly mind boggling. If at all you have a clip that you think is important enough to play, then make sure it is muted.

Get rid of large files that slow down your pages

A provider of SEO services in India should always keep in mind that high speed Internet is still a luxury in most of the places here, and no one likes to wait around for more than 5 seconds for a web page to load. Hence, if your website is full of video, image, and such other content that is large in size, you would probably need to revise it all.

People, that is your audience, is expecting a page to load in no more than 2 seconds; unless your website fulfills this criteria, you should expect to lose out on a lot of potential consumers.

Every web design company in India should therefore make it a point to regularly check the page load speeds using any of the various tools available online and accordingly keep updating their client sites.

Don’t make your layout too complicated

Any decent website design company or an SEO expert in India would tell you – good SEO practices are not just about making a website have tons of visitors, but also about turning those visitors into tons of customers.

A clean website layout is therefore an essential part of helping a site’s user engagement increase, while decreasing the chances of users bouncing off of the page.

Another thing that search engines absolutely love is when users are able to easily find what they’re looking for on a site – say, on the top of the landing page itself. The faster a query is resolved by a website, the more search engine love it.

And lastly…

Remember, that rigid platforms and templates don’t do much good in today’s day and time.

People change, their preferences don’t remain same for too long – accordingly, you’ll have to keep upgrading your site and updating the content (including text, video, audio, and image) you display. So, your website should always be ready to accept changes on the fly.

Design templates that don’t allow much space for constant improvements can deeply hurt the SEO strategies of any website designing company in India.

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